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Regain Your Personal Sleeping Space With a Queen Mattress

Get a better night’s sleep with a new queen mattress that gives you space to stretch out in bed or provides more room for your partner. A wide range of brands including Serta or Taylor & Wells awaits you in our selection of queen-size mattresses. Now you can finally look forward to having enough space to sleep comfortably alone or share the luxury with someone you love. Choose a soft, medium or firm preference that fits your needs and sleeping style.

Five reasons a queen mattress is a good investment

There are many advantages to choosing a queen mattress over a full or king-queen bed.

  1. Queen mattresses give you 6 inches more leg room (80 vs. 74 inches) than full-size ones.
  2. Queen mattresses provide 6 inches more width (60 vs. 54 inches), which comes in handy for couples and parents who need to find space for teddy bears and toys.
  3. Queen mattresses are a better fit than king-size mattresses (76 x 80), which can dominate all but the largest rooms.
  4. Extra space allows you and your partner to stretch out, which is important for posture and back health as well as getting enough quality sleep.
  5. Queen mattresses are a popular size, so finding accessories for them is a cinch.
Pick out your queen mattress and reap the reward of a sound sleep

You deserve the great night’s sleep a trip to Bedding Mart can provide. Browse our extensive inventory online and order today, or visit a local store to check out the top brand models available. All Bedding Mart employees are dedicated to helping you get a great night’s sleep.


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