The History of the Mattress

You’ve slept on one almost every night of your life. It’s critical to a good night’s sleep and your overall health. But how did the mattress come to be and what do modern versions offer?
  • Brandi Johnston

Choosing Mattress Size

You’ve committed to buying a new mattress, but you’re overwhelmed by all the options available. Size is a relatively straightforward decision. Determine how the bed will be used and size will follow.
  • Brandi Johnston

Which Mattress Is Best For You?

You spend a lot of time sleeping, and when you’re ready to lay your head down for the night, it’s best that you do so on a mattress that’s as comfortable as possible. To that end, Bedding Mart is here to offer a useful shopping guide for mattresses to ensure that you enjoy the best quality of sleep possible no matter your specific desires.
  • Brandi Johnston

Better Sleep Through the Senses

When it’s time to turn in for the night, do yourself a favor and engage all 5 senses to experience a better quality of sleep. You might already be aware of the importance of limiting light and noise exposure to sleep better, but you might not know just how touch impacts your overall quality of sleep. You’re in luck, because Bedding Mart and the National Sleep Foundation are here to show you how to engage sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing to drift off and wake up feeling rested and refreshed.
  • Kevin Spencer

The Bed That Brings the Family Together

Whether you co-sleep with your babies, or your little ones climb into your bed at night when they’re scared, are you tired of getting kicked out of your own bed? It feels as if kids at night turn into giants who take up the whole sleeping area or move around incessantly, keeping you awake. You may be thinking about no longer opening up your bed to your children, but with The Family Bed, you can continue the tradition.
  • Kevin Spencer

Should You Join the Family Bed Movement?

One of the battles in the “mommy wars” is where babies and children should sleep. Some parents believe the crib is the best place for safety, privacy, and independence reasons, whereas others propose that co-sleeping – or more particularly, bed sharing – is better due to bonding and convenience. Another term for the support of co-sleeping is the family bed movement.
  • Kevin Spencer