Deep Freeze Plus is a yarn with very high thermal conductivity that draws excess heat away from the body. Beacause it is a fiber, not a finish. It will last the life of the fabric.
Gel infused memory foam cools, comforts and conforms. Pressure relieving comfort with temperature control.
Supple support right where it is needed most. Copper infused for better health.
Removable and dry cleanable cover for health and cleanliness. Do not wash.
Gel infused poly quilt layers promote air exchange and a more refreshing, cooler night’s sleep.
Copper infused memory foam cushions, cradles and comforts the health properties of copper joined with the pressure relief of memory foam.
3 zones of comfort with Quantum Coils concentrated on the edge and in the center of the mattress.
Gel infused latex provides the resiliency and responsivness of latex coupled with the cooling features of Micro Gel Crystals.