Handles On Mattresses Make Life Easier


Americans are getting a little bigger, and so are our mattresses. We want more comfort, more support, and just plain more room. If you’ve ever seen the bedding mattress of an average 16th-century adult, you’d think it wasn’t much bigger than a crib. Today, just like our cars, we like our beds to be bigger and to come with more features. All very good things, but nothing’s perfect, so the only downside is that many mattresses are heavier today than yesterday.



Professional wrestling moves and mattresses


Ever try to move a mattress on your own? It’s a bit of a workout, isn’t it? In fact, with today’s heavier mattresses, it can become quite the challenge, even for two grown people.

Some mattresses are heavier than the people who sleep in them. Lifting, folding, and carrying a mattress can take a tag team bear hug, a body slam, and a Boston crab.




What the heck happened to handles?


Not too long-ago mattresses used to come with handles. These were conveniently placed along the side of the mattress. They were big, hefty handles, and if you ever wanted to move a mattress or flip a mattress over, it was as easy as flipping a pancake. One person could lift, drag, flip, and take it into the next room or up a flight of stairs.



Ripped off with ripped handles


Somewhere along the line, most but not all manufacturers started cutting costs by adding flimsy handles. These handles weren’t reinforced, they couldn’t support the weight of the mattress, and if you tried to move a mattress with them, you might hear a loud rrrrrrrrrrrip as you tore a strip off the side of your brand-new mattress.

Many manufacturers learned their lesson, but instead of strengthening their handles, they just eliminated them. Better this than a mattress with handles that are all show and no go. That’s why you better be ready to hire a professional mover if you’re not sure about the quality of your mattress.



Taylor & Wells to the rescue


There are a few manufacturers that are committed to building a quality mattress, and this includes handles you can actually use. Taylor & Wells is one of them. You can take hold of their handles and easily flip your mattress or even carry your mattress with no worries.

The handles feel sturdy in your hands, and they are constructed so that they will support the entire weight of the mattress. This includes the heavier mattresses as well. Don’t try this with an ordinary mattress unless you like that loud ripping sound. (I must admit I do indeed like the sound of a loud rip, just so long as it’s not coming from my mattress.)



Moving a mattress can cost you


Every year thousands of Americans are injured when moving. I bet some of them are from trying to wrestle with a no-handles mattress. Everything from back strains to sprained ankles and some hurt feelings can happen when you move a mattress.

Whether it’s just from here to there or up to your mom’s upstairs spare bedroom, unexpected things can happen. Here are some ways to stay safe while moving.



  1. Lift with your legs
  2. Keep your back as straight as possible
  3. Coordinate your movements with your partner
  4. Work out a plan and a route through the house before you start
  5. Start with putting the mattress on its side next to the bed frame
  6. Know your limits




Some funny fails moving a mattress


Who hired these guys???


How not to open a mattress


The mattress that ate my wife



Best place to rent a moving truck


If there’s a Home Depot or a Lowes nearby, you can rent a pickup truck, a van, or a box van to move your mattress and anything else you’re thinking of. They make the process easy, and the cost is more than reasonable.

While you’re there, it’s a good idea to look for a mattress bag big enough for the mattress you want to move or for storing a mattress. Don’t forget one for the bed spring if you have one. In most cases, you won’t need bubble wrap for your mattress, but you might need some to pop to your heart’s content to reduce the stress of moving.


The ratchet strap IQ test


Some people call them tie-down straps, but I call them a nightmare. Ratchet straps, if you can figure them out  are the best thing to have around when you move the mattress. It helps you secure the mattress before you take the mattress to the top floor, through a doorway, or even through an open window.




Moving a memory foam mattress


Ah, the joys of a memory foam mattress! Amazing support and motion isolation, but they do tend to weigh more than your average spring mattress. Especially when you’re talking about larger-sized mattresses like a king-size or family size, moving a memory foam mattress can take some effort. Think of it this way, even if you do get worn out moving it, the wonderful night’s rest on a memory foam will be worth it.



How long have you had your mattress?


How long has it been since you’ve had your mattress? Even though it might be cheaper to move your existing mattress, it might not be worth it. If it’s been a while since you’ve seen the surprising advancements in mattresses, a little bit of mattress shopping might just make your day. After all, a fresh new mattress might save your back and your peace of mind in more ways than one.

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