How Do I Take Care of My Bedding & Sheets?



Take care of your bedding, and it will take care of you. You already know this is true. Want to know how? Think about the best hotel you've been to. You walk in the room, and there it is – a big, beautiful bed that looks like it's ready for royalty. And when you get in, it feels even better than it looks. Ahhh, you feel like a million bucks. There's nothing like it. Right? Well, there could be.

There's no reason why you can't enjoy the same feeling of luxury every night in your own home. It's not all about your mattress or your bed frame. Bedding and sheets are just as important. Depending on your budget, make sure you set aside enough to get the bedding that will make a difference.






Good quality bedding is worth every penny

It's not like you buy bedding all the time. Think about how many hours you spend in bed in a month or a year. Even the very best sheets and bed linens will cost you pennies a night when you work it out. It's nothing compared to how much you spend on coffee or soda. Besides, the more special you make your bed, the more likely you'll be comfortable and relaxed for a good night's sleep.



Keep the strangers out of your bed

No one likes to think about it, but it happens to all of us. Every night when you crawl into bed, there's a bunch of other things crawling around in there with you. Gross—I know.

Dust mites feed on bits of dead skin that fall off your body naturally while you sleep. You can't see them with the naked eye, but if you could, you see them smile because bedtime for you is dinner time for them.






The longer you go without washing your sheets, the more the dust mites accumulate. Most experts agree bed upkeep is essential, and they recommend washing your sheets once a week. Good luck telling this to a teenager. But we're responsible adults. We know better. Right?


Well, maybe. Most people don't wash their sheets anywhere near once a week. According to research, almost half of us wash our sheets once or twice a month. Women wash their sheets more often than men wash their sheets. And about 5% of us – well, you just don't want to know.



Pollen count vs. critter count

Every morning on the news, I hear about a pollen count for the day. I wonder, is there a way we can add a dust mite count for the night? Eventually, I'll figure out how to set a weekly reminder on my phone. After all, the more often I wash my sheets, the longer those dust mites will have to wait for their dinner.




Death Valley for dust mites 130 degrees Fahrenheit

In Death Valley, California, it's called Furnace Creek. On your washing machine, it's called Sanitize Cycle. That's where it gets to 130 degrees Fahrenheit, and that's where you need to take your sheets if you want to be sure the dust mites are dead.

But be careful; some polyester blend bedding can't take that high a water temperature. If you're worried, you might want to check the manual to see how to adjust the hot water with the heat setting on your washer. The natural fiber in your cotton sheets can take the heat, but you may want to check the label first.



the-complete-guide-to-laundry-symbols-wash-the-comforter-take-care-of-bedding-tipsCheck the laundry symbols (Chart from I Hate Ironing)


All the bedding you buy will have a tag on it somewhere that includes a washing symbol. Take a quick look at this chart and then print out a copy and keep it next to the washing machine. It's the best way to properly take care of your sheets and thoroughly clean your comforter.


The symbols will let you know if you should use cool water or warm water and how you can dry it.

In some cases, or if someone snuck into your home and tore off the tag, you may want to take your item to the dry cleaner. They might be able to tell you if you can wash it or if you should dry clean it.




Don't be scared of your duvet 

You can do it. When it's time to wash the comforter or duvet cover, just keep some simple tips in mind. Use a mild detergent and if you like, add some fabric softener or a dryer sheet. Make sure you follow the tag's instructions, and you'll be fine.



Pillows, please

Every time you wash your sheets, you should wash your pillowcases. And depending on what sort of products you use on your hair or face, you may want to change out your pillowcases a couple of times a week. A crisp and clean pillow to lay down my head is one of my favorite things in the world.

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