How Do You Decorate a Family Bedroom?


There are many advantages to co-sleeping in a family bed. Parents and children often get more restful sleep, overnight breastfeeding is easier, children don’t suffer nighttime separation anxiety, and the risk of SIDS can be reduced by up to 50%. However, when there are multiple people using the same bedroom, it can quickly start to feel cluttered and crowded. Luckily, there are plenty of organized and fashionable solutions to suit every family.

Make the Bed Cozy for Everyone

Sleeping is the primary purpose of your bedroom. A comfortable environment that soothes the whole family should be your first priority when decorating. There are a variety of bedding setups you can choose, depending on your family’s specific needs:

- Split-level bedding. Perfect for a large family, place a family bed on the floor and add a loft or bunk beds nearby for the kids as needed.

- Attached crib. Use a three-sided crib or bassinet and rest it against the bed for easy access to the child during the night.

- In-bed baby bassinet. Set your infant in a soft bassinet and let him or her sleep next to you.

- Foam bed bridge. Connect two or more beds together with a bridge and create one long bed. No one slides into that annoying crack.

Incorporate Space-Saving Accessories

Once you have your family bed squared away, focus on solutions to keep the bedroom clean and tidy:

- Under-bed storage. Store toys or out-of-season clothes in labeled bins and slide them underneath the bed.

- Dual-use furniture. Purchase benches that can be used for both sitting and storing items. Use a low dresser for clothes and let it double as your bedside table.

- Take advantage of blank wall space. Install shelving, hooks, and closet rods along the walls for maximum storage space.

A family bedroom can be both comfortable and chic. Use space-saving, multi-functional design to help you keep it organized and looking great!

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  • Kevin Spencer