Mattress Tags: Where Did They Come From?


You’ve seen them: those white tags and labels sewn into the seam of a mattress. They’re big, they’re plentiful, and they’re not easy to remove. Why are they there? How come there are so many of them? What happens if I remove them? What are the penalties for removing these tags?


Well yes, there is a federal law about tags prohibiting the removal, and the penalties are quite severe. The trouble is there is a lot of confusion out among the public about who these laws are for, who can remove these tags, and when you can do so. Today we will attempt to clear up this confusion.


Under penalty of law




“Under penalty of law, this tag not to be removed except by the consumer.” There it is. Plain and simple right? No one but consumers can remove these tags.

So how come so many Americans are so afraid to cut off this uncomfortable tag? After all, we’re not talking about a skin tag removal. It’s an ugly white tag on a mattress. Why do so many believe the mattress squad is going to come looking for you if you remove this tag? How would they even know who did it?



Mattress tags protect you


Mattress tags are there to protect you, the consumer, from unscrupulous manufacturers and retailers. You, the consumer can remove any tag as soon as you buy the mattress. Mattress manufacturers or retailers are absolutely prohibited from removing under penalty of law. I’ll say that again – once you buy the mattress, you can remove any tag you like.



Why no one else can rip off the tag


In the past, some people making and selling mattresses would put your health at risk by stuffing the mattresses with all sorts of unsanitary materials. Old, dirty, and smelly clothing and sheets would be used. Soiled bandages and undergarments were shredded and stuffed into mattresses.

Often the stuffing came complete with all kinds of bacteria and pathogens as well as lice and bed bugs. Because everything was sewn in and covered up, there was no way for you as a consumer to know what “surprise” was lurking in your mattress waiting to ambush you when you slept from these “recycled materials.”






Unfair method of competition


When a federal law was passed to prevent manufacturers and retailers from making and selling mattresses stuffed with anything but new, clean textile fabric products, some of them followed the law, and some did not. Obviously, those who used old, dirty stuffing could sell their mattresses for less than the people who followed the law. Again, once the mattress was all sewn up, there was no way to tell the difference.



Just rip off the tag


As part of the effort to protect consumers, manufacturers were forced to identify with a tag whether or not their mattresses were filled with the proper stuffing. That was good news for consumers. All you had to do was look for the tag, and you were informed of the mattress contents.

Unfortunately, some retailers and manufacturers figured out a way to get around this. They simply ripped off the tags. Even though there was a law against filling your mattress without improper stuffing, once the label or other identification was ripped off, you as a consumer wouldn’t be able to tell.



Stamp tag label law


Action needed to be taken again to protect consumers. A federal regulation was introduced prohibiting the removal of these tags by anyone except the consumer. Not only did this protect you from terrible manufacturers and retailers, but it also provided a level playing field for the whole industry.

Eventually, everyone had to abide by the same rules. Competition was fair and the consumer benefitted from it. No longer could anyone just remove the tag and sell a contaminated mattress as if it was a new mattress.



The textile products identification act


You’ve seen them. More than just mattresses are covered by this law. Mattresses, pillows, furniture, and other items must follow the same regulations. Clothing is required to have the same sort of tags.

As annoying as these tags can be, they are there to ensure we get what we pay for.



New technology and new materials


Advances in mattress design and construction have revolutionized what is now available to mattress buyers. Today’s technology delivers so much more than a textile sandwich of different fabrics and springs. That’s great news for people who are looking to improve their sleep and comfort, and it’s reassuring to know that they are all manufactured with quality, new and safe materials. All you have to do is look for the tag.




How to choose where to buy your mattress


Sleep is much too important to your health and well-being and a good mattress can make all the difference. Look for a retailer and manufacturer that is respected in the community.

Examine their reviews online and search their website. Are the transparent about their products and their warranties? Do they have experts you can talk to? Do they encourage you to do your research? Do they prioritize customer service? These are the indicators you can count on to make your choice.



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