Seasonal Bedding Tips for The Family Bed Mattress


Your bedding can make or break your sleeping experience. That’s why it’s always in your best interest to know how to dress your family bed for every season. The right bed linens can help regulate your body temperature, improve comfort, and add a touch of style to your bedroom. Here are seasonal bedding tips for summer, winter, spring, and fall!

Summer Bedding Tips

First, let’s explore the fabrics, color scheme, and duvet considerations for summer.

Breathable fabrics

In summer, breathability is key to comfortable sleep, so consider using lightweight and natural fiber materials, such as cotton. Cotton is durable and soft and encourages air circulation to keep you cool while sleeping. 

Linen is another fantastic material known for its natural cooling and moisture-wicking properties. For that luxurious, soft feel, go for bedding sheets with a high thread count (about 400).

You may also consider natural fiber pillowcases to help keep your head cool at night.

Light Colors

Typically, summer requires light colors, such as pastels, whites, and shades of green or blue. These colors reflect heat, keeping The family bed cool and creating an airy and fresh feel in your sleep sanctuary.




Light and Breezy Duvet Covers

Consider using a thin quilt or a single light duvet. For more comfort, you can layer it with flat sheets made from breathable materials.

Fall Bedding Tips

As the nights get longer and the days shorten, it's the perfect time to create a warm and comfortable atmosphere for your bed. Here's what to do:

Layer up with Blankets and Quilts

You may bring back your winter duvet, but remember to add a cozy quilt or throw blanket to add a layer of warmth. This layering technique enhances easy temperature adjustment as you sleep.

Use Flannel Sheets

Replace your summer linen sheets with luxurious, soft flannels. We recommend flannel in the fall because it traps heat, keeping the environment warm and comfortable on those chilly fall nights.

Use Rich and Warm Colors

Adapt to the new season by adding warmer colors like deep reds, burnt oranges, or golden yellow. These colors add a cozy feel to the bedroom interior and are ideal for snuggling up in bed on a lazy fall evening.

Texture Play

Fall is the best season to add texture to your bedding. Layer a soft faux fur throw blanket over your duvet cover or introduce a cable-knit throw pillow in autumn colors for more tactile and visual interest.

Winter Bedding Tips




Winter is the season for ultimate coziness. Here are some creative ways to make your family bed a warm and inviting space.

Cozy Layers

Winter is the ideal season to turn your bedroom into a cozy retreat. Imagine enveloping yourself in plush, warm, and inviting layers that offer comfort and style. 

During these colder months, the primary goal is to trap heat and create a snug environment that promotes restful sleep. The layers may comprise flannel sheets, duvets, comforters, blankets, and more.

Flannel Sheets

Flannel sheet sets are a winter staple. Crafted from soft, brushed cotton, flannel offers perfect insulation by trapping body heat, making it suitable for colder nights. These sheets have a cozy texture with a comforting touch to ensure you stay warm without using multiple heavy layers.

Flannel's brushed surface features tiny air pockets that trap body heat for excellent insulation. Moreover, flannel sheets come in different weights, allowing you to select the thickness that suits your comfort level.

Thick Duvets and Comforters

Investing in a high-quality, thick duvet or comforter is essential for winter bedding. Opt for options filled with down or down alternatives that offer superior warmth. 

These materials create a lofty barrier that retains heat, warming you even on the chilliest nights. Pairing your duvet with a plush cover enhances warmth and aesthetic appeal. 

Mattress Pad

Adding a mattress pad is another effective way to enhance the warmth and comfort of your bed during winter. Mattress pads can provide an extra insulation layer, preventing heat loss through the mattress. Look for pads made from wool or down that offer excellent thermal properties.

Dark and Rich Colors

Color is essential in creating a warm ambiance in the bedroom during winter. Go for darker colors like green, deep blue, and burgundy. These colors add richness, enclosure, and depth to your décor while evoking a sense of intimacy and warmth, ideal for the colder months.

Spring Bedding Tips

Spring brings a sense of renewal, and your bedding should reflect that. Here's how to transition from winter to spring.

Light Layers

Remove the heavy winter duvet and replace it with a light cotton or lightweight throw blanket. Light layering enhances easy temperature regulation during night-time fluctuations.

Pastel Colors

Spring requires keeping things light and airy, so introduce pastel colors, such as light yellow, light green, lavender, or soft pink, into your bedding sets. These colors add an element of optimism and cheerfulness, resonating with spring's vibrancy.




Mix and Match

You can incorporate botanical and floral prints to add a touch of nature to the bedroom, especially in spring. These prints reflect the blossoming flora outside and make your space look lively. 

Mix and match various solids and prints to create a balanced and beautiful look. For example, you can combine a patterned duvet with solid-colored sheets for a touch of personality.

Bedding Trends for The Family Bed

Whether you own or are planning to own a Family Bed, here are bedding trends to consider:

Organic Cotton

Organic cotton is the steadfast choice for all seasons because it's soft and breathable. This natural fiber grows without synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, making it eco-friendly. Organic cotton is also gentle to the skin, reducing the possibility of irritation and allergies. Consider getting a bed set (sheets and pillowcases) made from organic cotton.

California King Size

For families who value co-sleeping, a California king bed provides ample space and ultimate comfort, allowing everyone to spread out without feeling cramped.

Ensuring that your bedding fits properly on a California king-size bed is essential to maximize comfort and aesthetics. Improperly fitted bedding can lead to bunching, discomfort, and an untidy appearance. We recommend the California king mattress, which fits in your bedroom, and lifestyle perfectly.

Dress Your Bed for Any Season

Dressing your family bed for different times of the year involves selecting the right materials, colors, and layers to ensure comfort and style. You can create a comfortable and charming bed all year round by choosing breathable fabrics for summer, cozy layers for winter, and adaptable options for spring and fall.

Also, consider aesthetics and decor. With these tips, your family bed will be a comfort and style haven, no matter the season.

Are you ready for restful and comfortable nights throughout the year? Check out our cozy bedding collections and enjoy free shipping, too!

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