The Importance of Mattress Care & Maintenance


Last time I checked, money doesn't grow on trees, and a brand-new bed isn't cheap. That's why proper mattress care and maintenance is important to ensure it performs the way it's meant to and lasts as long as possible.


Mattresses play a significant role in our daily lives, as they provide the support and comfort we need to have a good night's rest. Investing in a quality mattress can be a game-changer in terms of our physical and mental health. However, purchasing a mattress is just the first step in taking care of it.

Proper care and maintenance are essential to ensure that your mattress remains in good condition and lasts for many years. In this blog, we'll explore the importance of mattress care and maintenance, how to take care of your new mattress, and the benefits of investing in a high-quality mattress protector.




Treating Your Mattress Like an Investment


When we purchase a new mattress, we make an investment in our physical and mental health. A good quality mattress provides the support we need to keep our spines in proper alignment, which helps prevent aches and pains. It also reduces the amount of pressure on our joints, allowing us to wake up feeling refreshed and energized.


However, just like any investment, we need to take care of our mattress to ensure it lasts for many years. A well-maintained mattress can last up to 10 years, which is why proper care is crucial. Here are some tips on how to take care of your new mattress.


Flip and Rotate Your Mattress


Rotating your mattress is an important step in preventing sagging and ensuring that it lasts as long as possible. Mattresses tend to wear out faster in areas where we sleep, so rotating your mattress every 3-6 months will distribute the wear more evenly. It's also a good idea to flip and rotate your mattress every 6-12 months, although not all mattresses can be flipped due to their construction.


Proper Support


A quality mattress needs proper support to last. This means using a bed base, bed frame, box spring, or adjustable base that is designed to work with your specific mattress. Using the wrong support can cause your mattress to sag or even break down faster.


Keep it Clean


Keeping your mattress clean is essential for both hygiene and durability. Sweat, skin cells, pet hair and dust mites can accumulate over time, which can cause allergies and odors.

To keep your mattress clean, use a vacuum with an upholstery attachment to remove any dirt or dust regularly. You can also use mild detergent and warm water to clean any stains. Be sure to let your mattress dry completely before putting your bed sheets back on.




Invest In a Mattress Protector


One of the best investments you can make for your new mattress is a high-quality mattress protector. A mattress protector is a waterproof barrier that goes over your mattress to protect it from spills, stains, and allergens. It's important to note that many mattress warranties require the use of a mattress protector, so investing in one can help you maintain your warranty.


At Bedding Mart, we offer a range of mattress protectors to suit different needs and budgets. 

If you're looking for something affordable, our Basic Mattress Protector is an excellent option. It's waterproof, machine washable, and provides a barrier against stains and spills. It's also hypoallergenic, making it ideal for those with sensitive skin.


General Mattress Maintenance


Apart from rotating your mattress, using proper support, keeping it clean, and investing in a mattress protector, there are some other things you can do to maintain your mattress.


Avoid Jumping On Your Mattress


This is a tough one, especially if you have children. Here's what I did to stop my kids from jumping on their mattresses, and it worked like a charm. Every time we stayed at a hotel, I gave my kids the green light to jump on the mattress to their heart's content. This just comes from being a responsible hotel guest.


In addition to the tips we've already discussed, there are a few more things you can do to take care of your mattress. Let's dive into some of these techniques and how they can help improve the longevity of your mattress.


Use Baking Soda to Freshen Up Your Mattress


Over time, your mattress can start to develop an odor, which can be unpleasant. To freshen it up, sprinkle some baking soda on your mattress and let it sit for a few hours. The baking soda will absorb any moisture and odors, making your mattress smelling fresh and clean. After a few hours, use a vacuum cleaner to remove the baking soda.


Clean Your Bed Frame Regularly


Just like your mattress, your bed frame can accumulate dust and dirt over time. To keep it clean, wipe it down regularly with a damp cloth. If your bed frame has a headboard, be sure to clean it as well. By keeping your bed frame clean, you reduce the amount of dust and dirt that can transfer onto your mattress.


Protect Your Memory Foam Mattress


Memory foam mattresses are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to contour to your body and relieve pressure points. However, they are also more sensitive than other types of mattresses and require special care. To protect your memory foam mattress, avoid spilling liquids on it, and invest in a waterproof mattress protector. Memory foam mattresses also benefit from regular rotation and flipping, which can help prevent sagging.


Combat Dust Mites and Bed Bugs


Dust mites and bed bugs are tiny insects that can trigger allergies and asthma. They can be found in many household items, including mattresses. To combat dust mites and bed bugs, use a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to remove any dust or dirt regularly. Additionally, invest in a dust mite cover and bed bug protector for your mattress, which will provide an extra barrier against these pesky insects.




Invest in a sturdy bed frame and box spring


Using a proper bed frame and box spring is essential to ensure your mattress lasts as long as possible. A sturdy bed frame and box spring will provide the support your mattress needs to maintain its shape and prevent sagging. It's important to note that not all bed frames and box springs are created equal, so be sure to choose ones that are compatible with your specific mattress.


Protect Your Mattress From Wear and Tear


To protect your mattress from wear and tear, invest in a mattress cover or mattress pad. These can help prevent spills and stains from penetrating your mattress, and they can also provide an extra layer of comfort. Additionally, be sure to use fitted sheets that fit properly on your mattress to prevent any excess fabric from bunching up and causing damage.



The Better You Care For Your Mattress, the Better You’ll Sleep


It's pretty straightforward to understand that taking care of your mattress is essential to ensure it lasts for many years. By treating your mattress like an investment and investing in a quality mattress protector, you can protect your mattress from spills, stains, and allergens. Additionally, by rotating, flipping, and using proper support, you can help prevent sagging and ensure it remains comfortable and supportive.

Lastly, using techniques like baking soda to freshen up your mattress, cleaning your bed frame and box spring regularly, and combating dust mites and bed bugs with a vacuum cleaner, dust mite cover, and bed bug protector can further improve the longevity and cleanliness of your mattress.


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