What is the Best Memory Foam Mattress For Quality Sleep?


There are lots of places that will sell you any no-name memory foam mattress. Still, it’s not easy to find somewhere with a comprehensive selection of top-quality foam mattresses that you can research, compare, and evaluate.

Although foam as a material has been around a long time, the specific processes, variables, and construction methods used in today’s memory foam mattresses are significantly more advanced. As such, spending a little more time learning about how these new memory foam mattresses can give you quality sleep can be very rewarding.  



Traditional Mattresses Just Can’t Compare

There wasn’t much hi-tech built into regular mattresses and box springs in the past. And you couldn’t expect to get much from them in the way of quality sleep. Things are very different today, especially regarding memory foam mattresses.

Find a place you can trust with sleep experts that can help you pick the foam mattress that will best suit your needs. They’ll ask you about your sleeping habits, whether you toss and turn, and what sleep position you prefer. One such place is The Bedding Mart. 

Today, we’ll go over some of the different types of memory foams and regular foams out there in the marketplace. Ideally, the best way to learn more about which memory foam mattress will work best for you is to contact The Bedding Mart yourself. The people there are experts at assessing which memory foam mattress will best match your sleep profile. You may not realize it, but there are plenty of factors that affect your sleep. 


Not All Foam Is Memory Foam

Natural Latex Foam – The raw material for this type of foam is the milky white sap that is collected from a rubber tree plant. Although these rubber trees and the sap that comes from them may be grown organically, the foam produced does go through a manufacturing process that adds the necessary properties to produce a firm enough mattress. 

Synthetic Latex Foam – This describes a particular type of foam that is composed mainly of synthetic materials. In some cases, natural latex is combined as part of the mix. 

Dunlop v. Talalay Process Foam -- These are the two main processes used to produce latex foam. Depending on who you talk to, they will undoubtedly recommend one over the other. There are some real differences, but the best way to decide between them is to compare them by the seat of your pants. Sit on both. Lie down on both. See for yourself which one you prefer. One might be bouncy while the other is springy, and if you understand the difference between those two words, you’re a genius. 

Latex foam has been used in hospital beds and other institutions for a very long time. They perform well, and they have excellent durability. 

Poly Foam/Polyurethane Foam – This type of foam is made from petrochemicals and is generally used for inexpensive products. The performance degrades over time.




Pick the Memory Foam That’s Right For You

Memory Foam – This is the foam that started it all. Memory Foam was invented by Nasa to help astronauts sleep in space. It has some interesting properties that people love. It’s also known as viscoelastic foam, and there are several grades available.

Please use caution when purchasing a memory foam mattress. Test it first. Not all memory foams perform the same way. 

Cooling Gel Infused Memory Foam – Early versions of memory foam retained body heat. Although this is quite cozy during cold winter nights, the heat of the summer can make it a bit uncomfortable. In response, gel-infused memory foam was invented. Tiny beads of cooling gel dissipate the heat your body generates during the night. 

Cooling Copper and Graphite Infused Memory Foam – Copper is one of the very best conductors of heat. The finest executive chef around the world has been using copper alloy pans for at least a hundred years. The tiniest particles of copper are evenly distributed in the foam to draw heat away from your body while you sleep. Graphite infused into the memory foam accomplishes the same cooling effect. 

Top Quality Memory Foam -- There are distinct advantages to insisting on only the very best brands of memory foam. The performance, durability, and touch of these foams are difficult to describe but easy to feel when you experience them. Many consider Tempur Pedic the very best, and it’s just one of the brands you’ll find at The Bedding Mart. 


Find Out Your Sleep Profile

Most of us have a pretty good idea whether we’re stomach sleepers or hot sleepers. A mattress on the softer end of the scale can help a stomach sleeper, and a cooling mattress can help a hot sleeper. But are you aware that joint pain can flare up in the middle of the night enough to disrupt your sleep?

It may not be enough to wake you completely, but it still makes it difficult for a restful night. Depending on where the joint pain comes from, you can get a mattress that can help alleviate some of it. 

Whether you’re fit as a fiddle or pleasingly plump, your body has various pressure points. These are areas in which your body weight is concentrated at a specific point. Often this can cause enough discomfort during the night that you will shift your position while you’re still sleeping.

Again, you won’t necessarily wake up entirely, but it will affect the quality of your sleep. A mattress that relieves this pressure can help. Look for a mattress with good edge support.




Maybe you’re a combination sleeper. Lucky you. You have a few things going on. Maybe you’re a hot sleeper together with tossing and turning during the night. Should you get a mattress that makes it easier for you to move, or should you get a mattress that is so comfortable you don’t need to move?

Believe it or not, there’s a mattress for either situation. Perhaps you’re the kind of sleeper that would do better with your legs elevated. In this case, you will most likely need an adjustable bed frame and a mattress that is made for it. 


Why Where You Buy Your Mattress Matters

Your mattress isn’t just the most important item of bedroom furniture you have. It’s one of the most important factors to your physical and mental well-being. Nothing can match the benefits of good quality sleep.

It’s no secret that if you insist on the very best brands, you’ll get what you pay for. The thing is, how will you know which features are right for you? That’s why expertise and customer service are so important.

Take the time to look for an outlet like The Bedding Mart.  They can help you find the best mattress for your specific needs.  

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