Tempur-Ergo® Extend Smart Adjustable Foundation

$ 2,199.00
Tempur-Ergo® Extend Smart Adjustable Foundation

Tempur-Ergo® Extend Smart Adjustable Foundation

$ 2,199.00
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$ 2,199.00

TEMPUR-Ergo Smart Adjustable Base puts you in control: a virtually unlimited number of ergonomic rest positions, plus rejuvenating massage. The wireless remote lets you control movement from the comfort of your bed, as it electronically adjusts to your every whim. Or wirelessly control TEMPUR-Ergo Smart Base from your Apple iOS or Android device. Create a place of true renewal whether you’re sleeping or relaxing in bed.

Sleep, Learn, Adjust

Sleeptracker®-AI analyzes your nightly activity, sleep stages and bedroom environment to
help you better understand and continuously improve your sleep — night after night.

Daily Sleep Quality


Sleep Quality tells you at-a-glance if you are trending toward better sleep — & the in-app sleep coach helps you improve your rating over time.

Sleep Insights


With AI-powered sensing technology and real-time analytics, Sleeptracker®-AI provides specific insights based on every night’s sleep.

Smart Alarm


Set an AI-powered alarm designed to wake you when your lightest phase of sleep is detected — to help you wake more refreshed.

TEMPUR-Ergo® Smart Bases

Powered by Sleeptracker®-AI

A Smarter Response to Snoring

When your TEMPUR-Ergo® Smart Base senses snoring from you or your partner, it automatically adjusts the bed to raise your head to a position that may help reduce snoring.^

Available on our TEMPUR-Ergo Smart Bases

^Bed raises once approximately 12 degrees in response to snoring. This may reduce snoring in otherwise healthy individuals who snore due to body positioning.

Sleep Coaching

Artificial Intelligence offers easy-to-implement tips based on your personal sleep behavior and then compares your sleep to people like you.

See your nightly trends and receive personalized suggestions to reach your best night's sleep.

Available on our TEMPUR-Ergo Smart Bases

Smart Home Compatibility

The Sleeptracker® monitor works with Hey Google & Alexa to connect with your smart home.^^

Use simple voice commands to hear your sleep quality rating, coaching tips, and more.

Available on our TEMPUR-Ergo Smart Bases

Additional Information

Upgraded massage, with 4 individual massage programs: standard, wave, synchronized wave, and pulse

Improved simple-to-use LCD readout with motion-activated backlit buttons

New WiFi remote control from your mobile phone or tablet

Improved lift performance, with immediate response to remote control

New Ergo-Link™ feature keeps split bases completely in sync when programmed to move together

Improved frame and structure, with 4 clean-design legs for sturdy support

Upgraded 5-5-Lifetime Warranty

Head Up

Foot Up

Virtually Unlimited Adjustable Positions

Adjustable Massage

Mobile App Remote Control

Wireless Remote Control

Lift Capacity 650 lbs

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