The Best Storage Bed Doesn't Require A Fancy Frame


If there’s one trend that has taken over the contemporary world of home décor, it has to be minimalism. People are ditching heavy, bulky items and replacing them with chic and simplistic elements. The same goes for the good old bed frame; while the traditional fancy bed frame was quite a thing in the past, it is no longer needed, especially with the storage bed trend garnering all the limelight today.


Why are Storage Beds in Trend?

The furniture market is replete with items that offer space savings and can help reduce clutter. One such trend that has recently taken over the market, and many homes, is that of the storage bed. Census data shows that young people, often in search of job opportunities, are moving to urban areas where the space crunch is real and apartments are the most common way of life.




Among the several limitations that living in a tiny apartment dictates being able to juggle enough furniture and storage. Therefore, both buyers and sellers are keenly pursuing products that provide built-in storage and comfort. This is why the storage bed is raking in the most purchases. After all, you get the comfy bed you love and all the storage space you need right under the same bed.


Efficient Storage Beds: What’s New?

Today’s most desired beds are full of storage potential, thus making them suitable for all kinds of homes. Furniture makers and designers have worked on improving mattress technology for these beds, which has eliminated the need for the bulky box spring. This has opened up a lot more storage under the mattress than ever before, leaving buyers of these contemporary designs a distinct advantage.


Storage beds used to be the preferred furniture choice only for children’s rooms, but more and more adults are now taking these efficient products for themselves. People are using storage beds with hidden compartments for packing away extra blankets, bedding, pillows, and seasonal items. Investing in a proper storage bed is, therefore one of the smartest things you could do if you have a small home and would like to use every inch of extra storage possible!


What are the Different Types of Storage Beds?

You would be surprised to know that even storage beds come in a lot of different sizes and styles. There are the queen and king-size storage beds, which offer a lot of extra storage space in a room and can be used for storing potentially all kinds of stuff you want to keep out of sight.




Apart from this, there are also different types of storage beds depending on the style of storage design. The kind that offers the least amount of extra storage is a bed with headboard shelves and storage drawers. Usually, these have little storage and some of the space is only suitable for display items like your books, photo frames, candles, and stands, along with personal items inside cute boxes.


Rolling under-bed storage is great for someone who is looking for an easy and cheap alternative. These stackable containers can be easily rolled under the bed and drawn from it whenever you want, making under-the-bed cleaning easy.

You can pick rolling bins to match your décor for a more aesthetic and cleaner look. Divan beds with footboard shelves and storage drawers along the bottom of the bed make for less visible storage. This is a great option for storing any extra blankets, bed linen, towels, holiday decorations, and more.


Ottoman beds are one of the most in-demand bed types these days, as they offer hidden storage under the entire bed space. These beds come with gas-lift hydraulics that make them easy to open and stay in that position as you access storage items within until you are ready to close them.

You can choose a large mattress to use over the bed, without having to worry about removing it time and again to access items under it, because of the easy-to-use gas hydraulics mechanism in your furniture.




Which Storage Bed Should I Buy?

When coming down to the best storage bed for your room, there are a few important things you need to consider.


How spacious is your room?

Buying the right storage bed depends on how big your room is. You could either purchase a smaller size, say Twin or Twin XL instead of King or Queen so that there’s enough room on the sides of the bed. Alternatively, you could go for an ottoman bed, for it opens upwards and does not require any additional space on the sides of the bed. There are also beds with storage drawers on one side or the end of the bed.


What do you want to store?

Built-in storage beds often come with a weight restriction; therefore, you must carefully gauge what you are planning to keep under your bed. If you are looking to use the extra storage for bulkier items, it would be best not to opt for slats. Instead, you could place your items under the bed directly, with rolling pins on the periphery for a cleaner look. If you are looking to store lighter items such as extra blankets and bedding, you can have more variety in built-in storage options.  


How often would you access the items?

If you are considering drawing items daily, it would be best to opt for storage drawers that you can also use to organize items of everyday use, such as clothes, shoes, pillows, and so on. Instead, if you plan on accessing the items once a month or every few months, you can opt for an ottoman bed.

This will not just give you large storage space to pack away all the extra items you don’t need very often, but also an easy-lift top for accessing them throughout the year.




Which Mattress to Buy for my Storage Bed?

When picking the right mattress for your storage bed, it is important to consider a few factors. Firstly, think of the actual weight of the new mattress. If you are planning on purchasing an ottoman bed, for instance, you might want to think of buying a lighter mattress that does not stress the gas-hydraulic lifting mechanism of the bed. Memory foam and “mattress-in-a-box” style mattresses are not just quite lightweight but also lend adequate support for a good night’s sleep.


Next, also make sure to pick a mattress that goes well with the slats of your storage bed. For this purpose, take a good look at the material of the mattress and pick one that does not sag. Getting the right size is also important – the standard queen and king size mattress would be perfect for an ottoman bed, which mostly comes in standard sizes, but might not fit a divan bed perfectly, which may require a small or large mattress based on their size.


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