Bedroom Home Improvements Include A New Mattress



How exciting! If you’re thinking of making some improvements to your bedroom, we have some useful tips for you. One of the most important steps in any remodel is to set your expectations at the very beginning. Many remodels take longer than expected, but this can be a blessing in disguise.

Unforeseen setbacks can be annoying, but they can also give you some valuable time to reconsider some of your choices. You may want to be more adventuresome in some areas and scale back in others. The more planning you can do ahead of time, the better. Take enough time to enjoy the journey.




Size matters when it comes to your bedroom


The idea of creating a place of comfort and relaxation within the four walls of a bedroom is becoming more and more popular. Having a larger bedroom really helps make this possible. The challenge here is that it can be very expensive and time-consuming to physically enlarge your bedroom by constructing an addition.

Many people do the next best thing – they take down the wall separating an adjacent bedroom to create a much larger master bedroom. By the way, if you’re thinking of moving at any point, the latest trend in real estate sales is to replace the words master bedroom with primary suite. How fancy. Learn more about current bedroom designs here.



Put your bedroom in a better mood.


Lighting has a powerful impact on the mood of a space. You’ve probably already noticed this in some of the newer airline cabins and some newer vehicles that use different colors, brightness, and placement to enhance the overall effect of the space.

When it comes to your bedroom, taking a new, more curated approach to your lighting is one of the most cost-effective changes you can make. You can start with something simple, like replacing your lightbulbs with phone app-controlled, full-spectrum, smart bulbs. These lightbulbs are also dimmable, and that alone can save you from the time and expense of adding dimmer switches. Learn which smart bulb is right for you.


Don’t forget the windows.


No matter what you prefer on your windows, please opt for some way to control the amount of light that comes in. It's great to let light in during the day, especially if you have houseplants in your bedroom. But you'll want to keep it dark at night for when you're sleeping. 

It’s easy to forget about, but keeping your bedroom dark enough can increase the quality and the quantity of sleep you get. If your windows are a standard size, you can find blackout cellular shades at very reasonable prices just about anywhere. Here are several ways to blackout a window.




Floors, walls, and accent walls


A great option for bedroom remodels is new wood flooring or the flooring of your choice. Whatever your preference in terms of flooring, be sure to include it when deciding on the overall color scheme you’re working to achieve, along with the walls and any accent walls you have planned.


Compare your taste to the current trend in colors.


For the longest time, blue was for boys, and pink was for girls, but it wasn’t always that way. In the late 19th century and early 20th century, baby boys used to be dressed in what was considered a very masculine color, pink. And baby boys were adorned with the much more feminine color, blue.

Then things changed. Culture has a lot to do with color trends. However, there are colors that can affect us physiologically, and those tend to remain constant. The variety of shades of just about any color is easily available, and it might be interesting for you to compare your preferences with today's trends.




A walk-in closet dream come true.


Instead of enlarging the bedroom, many people decide to opt for a walk-in closet. If it’s been a few years since you’ve thought about a walk-in closet, you’re in for some surprises. Shelving, cabinetry, and ingenious storage ideas have been developed that somehow magically organize all your necessities.

See the latest in walk-in-closets here. If you’re a bit of a DIY person, you can even check out what’s available at a certain Swedish furniture store near you.



The most important part of the most important room


There are few things more crucial to a happy and healthy life than getting enough high-quality sleep. And for many people, this means a new mattress. Over the last few years, there has been a wave of new technology, new materials, and new construction methods introduced in the mattress industry.

Even sizes of mattresses have evolved. For the longest time, a standard king size was the largest mattress you could buy. Then it was the vaunted California King. Today, the largest mattresses make the California King look like a baby’s crib.



There’s no substitute for size when it comes to comfort.


Americans, on average are becoming taller and bigger. It’s no surprise that we need more room when we sleep. Lots of people like to sleep with their furry friends in the same bed. And plenty of people co-sleep with their young children or at least co-sleep with them after a child’s nightmare.

The size of your mattress is very important. That’s why so many people are opting for a much larger bed than they used to.


Matching your bedroom size to your mattress size

Here are some of the most popular oversized mattresses and the minimum bedroom size recommended for them.


California King Beds  --   72 inches wide        84 inches long  Room Size: 10 feet by 12 feet

Wyoming King --    84 inches wide        84 inches long Room Size: 12 feet by 12 feet

Texan King --    98 inches wide        80 inches long Room Size: 12 feet by 14 feet

Alaskan King --   108 inches wide      108 inches long Room Size: 16 feet by 16 feet


The Family Bed Mattress  -- 120 inches wide      80 inches long Room Size:16 feet by 16 feet

The Family Bed XL Mattress -- 144 inches wide  84 inches long Room Size: 18 feet by 17 feet


Some of the best features in a new bed




Whether you choose a memory foam mattress, a mattress that requires a box spring or a hybrid mattress, most of them offer pressure relief materials and the right kind of support were the most common pressure points on your body exist.

You can choose a natural latex mattress with great edge support or a hybrid mattress that includes individually pocketed steel coils that provide motion isolation. People who prefer a pillow-top mattress also have a variety of choices in the type of features available. Today, even some air mattresses come with adjustable firmness levels.


Double-check if it’s adjustable


Adjustable bed frames are definitely growing in popularity. If you happen to be considering one, please make sure you confirm that your mattress will work with an adjustable bed frame. You can't tell by looking at one, so double-check with our mattress experts at The Bedding Mart!

One final thought: One of the most popular mattress choices for people who want an oversize bed with extra length is The Family Bed by Taylor & Wells. If you’ve never seen one, it’s definitely worth your while to investigate.



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