Better Sleep Through the Senses


When it’s time to turn in for the night, do yourself a favor and engage all 5 senses to experience a better quality of sleep. You might already be aware of the importance of limiting light and noise exposure to sleep better, but you might not know just how touch impacts your overall quality of sleep. You’re in luck, because Bedding Mart and the National Sleep Foundation are here to show you how to engage sight, smell, touch, taste and hearing to drift off and wake up feeling rested and refreshed.

Examining Sleep Through the Five Senses

There’s more to getting a good night's’ rest than having the right mattress and going to bed at the right time, although those are great places to start. We recommend taking five steps further with all your senses by:

  • Sleeping in comfortable pajamas and finding the perfect temperature that encourages sound sleep for your sense of touch. You might also want to consider a different type of mattress that offers better airflow for maximum comfort.
  • Keeping the amount of clutter you see in your room to a minimum to keep from engaging your brain more than necessary when it’s time for bed. Additionally, keep the lights and brightness in your bedroom to a minimum.
  • Reducing the volume of sound in your bedroom to better facilitate restful slumber.
  • Adding a relaxing scent to your room and ensuring you keep bad odors out also boosts sleep quality.
  • Making sure you don’t eat anything before bed that you know causes you heartburn or upset stomach or might keep you up.

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While the above tips can most certainly go a long way in helping you sleep better, there’s no denying the importance of knowing the right way to navigate a selection of mattresses. Help is just a phone call away with Bedding Mart. Dial 1-888-543-5125 to learn more about our exemplary selection of bedding and mattresses.

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