Finding Your Ideal Family Bed: A Buyer’s Guide


A family bed brings you and your loved ones closer. It allows you to cuddle, share stories, catch a movie, and enjoy peaceful nights together. Family beds are also designed to accommodate everyone and their unique sleeping needs.

However, as with any good thing, these massive beds are not created equally. Some are definitely better than the others (we're looking at you mattress-in-a-box style beds!) So, if you are looking to invest in a family bed, then there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind to discover the perfect fit for your family. 


Understand Family Bed Sizes

Family beds are the biggest bed sizes in the market. They are about twice as wide as a standard king-size bed.  That means you can get the family bed XL to accommodate everyone in your household, including pets.

But still, you’ll need to pay attention to the available space. For example, the largest family bed in a tiny apartment is probably not the best use of the space.

It’s therefore best to measure the length and width of your room, while factoring the location of the doors and windows. Pay attention to the shape of your room so you can pick a bed that fits correctly. The golden rule is for the bed to have at least 2 to 3 feet (70 to 90 cm) of walking space around it to ensure the doors, drawers, and closets can open correctly and that you don’t bump into walls when getting into bed. 

Pro Tip: Trace everything on the floor. Use a masking tape to draw the bed’s perimeter on the floor. This way, you can visualize how the bed will fit in. Also, consider the location of your room. Moving a 12 foot mattress into a hard-to-reach space—like one with narrow staircases or small doors – can be tough.

Consider the Bed Features

Mattress features can make or break your experience. For example, a family bed with adjustable bases is ideal if you want to do a family movie night from time to time. An adjustable base allows you to easily shift the angles of different mattress parts, making it perfect for sitting up comfortably while you enjoy a movie together. An adjustable base can also alleviate snoring or acid reflux.




If someone in your family overheats at night, you may look into cooling gel memory foam. This technology helps regulate body temperature, ensuring that everyone stays comfortably cool. The layers of foam in this mattress can also be great for motion isolation if you want everyone to sleep comfortably with minimum disturbances. 

Select the Right Materials

The materials of your family bed are crucial not only for comfort but also for the durability of your mattress. A hybrid mattress is excellent because it blends supportive springs with comfy foam layers, accommodating various body types and sleep preferences. Opt for a mattress that includes layers of foam, particularly memory foam, which molds to your body and helps alleviate pressure points. If allergies concern you, look for hypoallergenic materials that help minimize sneezing and stuffiness at night.

Additional Comfort Options

Since you’ll spend time with family on the bed, it’s a good idea to consider additional comfort options to elevate your bed experience. For instance, custom comforters and family bed sheets designed for oversized mattresses can make a big difference in how cozy your bed feels. You can also throw in a pillow top layer for additional comfort.




Practical Considerations

Don't overlook practical considerations like the mattress warranty and customer service when investing in a family bed. A good warranty can protect your purchase against defects or issues for several years, making it a safer investment.

Look for warranties that cover a significant period and check what aspects of the bed are covered. You should also consider the ease of setup and maintenance. Some beds are really easy to deal with, even a bed as big as the family bed is easy to assemble at home on your own.

Consider your Personal Preference

Your choice of mattress will boil down to your personal preference. You know what’s best for you and your family, and that knowledge should guide your decision when selecting a family bed. Consider what feels most comfortable to everyone who will be sharing the bed. Do you prefer a firmer mattress that offers more support or a softer one that you can sink into at the end of a long day?

Budget is also an important consideration. Determine what you are willing to spend without compromising quality, as investing in a good night’s sleep is crucial. Remember, a higher price might bring enhanced features and better durability, which can offer better value in the long run. But, that's not always the case. If you’re looking to save, a mattress sale can be a great way to meet your needs while staying within your budget.

Lastly, consider the mattress's aesthetics and how it will fit into your bedroom’s design. After all, the look and feel of your bedroom will greatly influence your relaxation and sleep quality. So go for a style and design that matches your room’s décor.




Where to Shop

You can start with stores that specialize in bedding and mattresses. Usually, they have a wide selection of family beds, knowledgeable staff (sleep experts even), and the ability to customize your mattress to fit your specific needs. Showrooms are also great because they let you test different beds before deciding

Remember to check for warranties, return policies, and delivery options when buying your family bed. A family bed is a huge investment, and the last thing you want is to be stuck with one that doesn’t meet your expectations.

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