Hybrid Mattresses: The Best of Both Worlds For High-Quality Sleep


It's pretty simple. High-quality memory foam mattress technology and the finest coil spring mattress technology are very different, yet both are widely recognized as the best in the world. A hybrid mattress combines the most popular attributes of each into one perfect sleeping solution – no matter how fussy a sleeper you are. There's no judgment here; I happen to be a confirmed "high-maintenance sleeper," so hybrid mattresses are like a dream come true.  


Let's take a quick look at why, no matter how many sleeping positions you cycle through while you're in bed and no matter which body type you have, a hybrid mattress is your best choice.




1. Support for Back and Joints

A hybrid mattress, with its combination of various types of foam and Fabric Encased Coil springs, provides support to your back and joints, no matter how you sleep. The unique support system created by the combination of foam and innerspring ensures a perfect balance of comfort and support.

 2. Breathable Design

Older types of traditional foam beds can retain body heat and cause you to sleep hot with night sweats. To ensure a good night's sleep, you need a mattress that regulates its temperature and reduces heat retention. The breathable innerspring core of a hybrid mattress prevents heat retention, and some hybrids even have top foam layers with cooling technology for a cool sleeping environment.

3. Exceptional Edge Support

Edge support refers to the resistance that a mattress offers around its edges. The spring system of a hybrid mattress provides excellent edge support, allowing you to sleep on a larger surface area without the feeling of rolling off unexpectedly.

4. Fabric Encased Coil Support System

Hybrid mattresses feature support systems with Fabric Encased Coil innersprings, which help ensure the longevity of your bed structure. The Fabric Encased Coil springs provide stability to the mattress, maintaining its shape and preventing the mattress from sagging.




5. Contouring Comfort and Support

The combination of a base layer and top foam layers of a hybrid mattress offers contouring support, cradling your body as you sleep. The Fabric Encased Coil springs are also a relief for pressure points, reducing motion transfer and preventing sinking. Additionally, the top foam layers are designed to absorb motion, minimizing motion disturbance during sleep. You can even opt for a pillow top version that gives you the ultimate comfort. 


Let's Look At Some Of the Best Hybrid Mattresses

12-inch TEMPUR-PRObreeze Medium Hybrid:

The TEMPUR-PRObreeze Medium Hybrid takes all the pressure relief and cooling of the Pro Breeze Medium and pairs it with a cleverly designed spring system that gives you a perfectly adaptable bed – not too firm and not too soft.

29th & Soho 29/14 Hybrid Plush 14 Inch Mattress:

The 29th & Soho from Taylor & Wells is crafted by hand in the USA and is designed for those seeking both quality and value. The collection consists of four unique mattresses, each with its attributes. This curated collection delivers on the promise of restful sleep that comes from luxury materials and better choices. 

Precisely Who Benefits From a Hybrid Mattress?

Hybrid mattresses provide a great combination of resilience from spring mattresses and comfort from memory foam mattresses, making them a suitable choice for most people. Here are the types of people who can benefit the most from hybrid mattresses:


Hot sleepers:

If you tend to sleep hot, a hybrid mattress with built-in cooling technology can be an excellent solution. With coils that facilitate airflow, hybrid mattresses can regulate the temperature of the mattress, keeping you cool throughout the night.


Side sleepers:

Hybrid mattresses offer both support and comfort, making them an ideal choice for side sleepers, who require proper cushioning for their hips and shoulders. The combination of coils and foam or latex layers in hybrid mattresses can also help to alleviate pressure points and provide a more restful sleep for people who prefer sleeping on your side.


No quicksand effect:

If you prefer sleeping on top of your mattress and dislike the feeling of sinking a hybrid mattress would be perfect for you. Unlike some memory foam mattresses, hybrids offer better mobility and allow you to move around effortlessly.


Individuals in need of extra support:

High-density foam hybrid mattresses come equipped with coils that provide extra support, making them a suitable choice for those who require additional support or those with higher body weight.




People who change their sleeping positions at night:

A hybrid mattress is a great choice for those who change their sleeping positions during the night. The mattress's soft comfort layer, combined with its supportive coils, allows you to sleep comfortably on your back, stomach, or side.


Those looking for a long-lasting mattress:

Although hybrid mattresses may appear costly initially, they are a worthwhile investment as they are durable and last longer than other mattress types. The Fabric Encased Coil springs used in hybrid mattresses are exceptionally durable, making them a wise investment that can last for several years. In fact, some beds come with a lifetime warranty.


Families that like hanging out together:

Fifty years ago, a queen-size mattress was considered big. Not anymore. Especially if you like co-sleeping with or just hanging out with the rest of the family, the good news is that over the last few years, many mattress brands have added oversized mattresses to their lineup. The even better news is that The Taylor & Wells Family Bed and Family Bed XL both come in hybrid form. 


5 Reasons Why the Family Bed Is Becoming So Popular




Movie Night: Watching a movie together as a family can be challenging when there's limited space on the living room couch. The family bed provides a solution by offering ample space for everyone to cuddle up and enjoy a movie without leaving anyone out.


Arts and Crafts: Finding enough table space for everyone to do arts and crafts simultaneously can be difficult, but the family bed provides enough room for everyone to have their own creative space. A protective lining may be necessary for certain crafts to avoid making a mess on the bed.

Sleep With Pets: If you have multiple pets and consider them to be part of your family, the family bed is an ideal option. Sharing a bed with your pets can provide a sense of security and reduce anxiety, bringing you all closer together.


Eat Dinner: Sharing a meal as a family, even if only for a short time, is an important bonding experience. However, finding enough space can be a challenge. The family bed offers a solution by providing enough space for everyone to enjoy a meal together, creating a meaningful shared experience.


Play Board Games: Playing board games on a giant mattress is a whole new world of fun. Many families are re-discovering the importance of board games and how they can strengthen bonds and improve problem-solving skills. 


Ask Our Sleep Experts

At The Bedding Mart, we'd love to help you get the best sleep of your life. As everyone knows by now, sleep is much too important to our physical, mental, and emotional health. That's why our sleep experts will take the time to ask you about your sleep habits and sleep preferences and build a sleep profile to meet your needs. With all the advances and sleep choices available today, knowing exactly what you need will help you sleep better at night in more ways than one. 

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