How Mattress Technology Has Evolved in the Last 10 Years



Whether or not we get enough high-quality sleep has become a priority in our physical, mental, and emotional health. So much so that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provides an easy-to-understand chart, you can use depending on your age. They also include tips to build habits to improve your sleep. This understanding has dramatically evolved mattress technology over the last decade.

Years ago, our general knowledge about sleep consisted of a smidgen about REM sleep and a smattering about Circadian Rhythms. In the last ten years, sleep science has uncovered many insights about the importance of sleep, and mattress manufacturers have stayed current with the latest developments.


Don’t Mix Up Your Memory Foams

Viscoelastic polyurethane foam (memory foam) was first developed in 1966 by NASA as a way to make sure astronauts could have the most comfortable and supportive material on which to sleep. It wasn’t long before some enterprising person figured out it would make a great mattress for non-astronauts too.

Back in 1991, Tempur-Pedic launched the first memory foam mattress. Fast forward, and in the last ten years, memory foam has taken over a large segment of the market because of its unique properties. The key benefit is memory foam’s ability to conform to the shape of your body to eliminate pressure points while maintaining necessary support. This, together with its natural ability to minimize motion transfer, makes memory foam a very popular choice.

Unfortunately, the popularity of memory foam has inspired many poor-quality copies that are easily mistaken for the original. Unless you have them to compare side by side, it’s difficult to know what to look for. Some mattress retailers will try to pass off these substandard copies.

High Praise for Hybrid Mattresses

More than ten years ago, mattresses that combined a series of different materials and construction methods were a rarity. Latex mattresses were mostly latex; memory foam mattresses were mostly memory foam, and so on. Even high-quality mattresses were rather simple. Since there was no choice, you would have to settle for the pros and cons of the material you decided upon.

In the last ten years, mattress companies have succeeded in combining the best attributes available into a single mattress. These hybrids offer all of the pros of the best materials and none of the cons.




Side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and people who go from one sleeping position to another can find the perfect combination of materials to suit their needs. Hybrid mattresses are constructed of several different layers of various materials, and they’re an absolute dream to sleep on.

Sleep Sensor Mattresses Keep Track Of Sleep Quality

The quality of sleep we get is becoming just as important, if not more so, than the amount of sleep. Just because your eyes are closed and you’re not actively conscious doesn’t mean you’re benefiting from the restorative value of deep sleep. The challenge is being able to accurately measure how often we shift sleeping positions or get out of bed entirely.

There are smartwatches that can track your movements, and smartphones with apps that can do the same. To a degree, these sleep tracking apps can work, but they can’t possibly monitor your sleep quality the way multiple sensors inside a smart bed can.

Lighted Beds Show the Way

Stubbing a toe on furniture or stepping on a booby-trapped toy in the middle of the night can be annoying and downright dangerous if you don’t turn on the lights. Sounds easy enough, but what if you never bought the Original Clapper? How do you make it safely across the midnight minefield to get to the light switch?

Introducing motion sensor lights that provide a gentle and useful glow that originates from under your mattress. As soon as you dangle your foot off the side of the bed, the built-in light array will give you soft and warm, low-angle light you can use to make your way safely across the room.

Cooling Gels Draw Heat Away From Your Body

One of the most welcome advances in mattress technology over the last ten years is cooling gels. Initially, some memory foam and latex mattresses retained some body heat during the night. In warmer climates, this makes some people uncomfortable.

In response, mattress manufacturers rushed in with ways to provide passive cooling, and one of the most popular methods was infusing various cooling gels into the material of the mattress. Alternating between comfort layers and cooling gels helps keep you comfortable during the night.




So Many Types Of Mattress, How Do You Pick The Right One?

Buying a new mattress can be daunting. There are so many different configurations, features, and price ranges it’s easy to be overwhelmed. Most people give up and just buy based on a budget because it’s too much work to sort through the maze of mattresses. That’s why more and more people are enlisting the help of sleep experts to make their choice.

Find a local mattress retailer that’s trusted in the community and will take the time to match your needs to the right mattress technology. At The Bedding Mart, we are here to answer any questions you may have. This will help you find the perfect mattress for your perfect sleep. Visit any of our stores in Arkansas, Missouri or Texas today!

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