How To Support Your Mattress With Modern Technology


One of the most exciting developments in bed technology is the variety of ways you can support your mattress. For example, modern mattresses can be supported with wood slats, box springs, MDF platforms, mattress foundations and adjustable bases. This enables you to match your mattress to the base that  best suits your needs. Whether you’re thinking about innerspring mattresses, hybrid mattresses, or memory foam mattresses, the sleep experts at The Bedding Mart can help.   




How the HiRise Platform Bed Gives You Free Storage Space

You see them everywhere. Storage unit complexes pop up like mushrooms after a rainy night. It seems no matter how big your home is or where you live; everyone needs more storage. This platform bed frame gives you that extra space with a, sleek and sturdy design!

HiRise Platform Bed Features: 

  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • 14" High – (Some are even higher. Call us to learn more.)
  • Quick and easy setup – no tools at all required
  • Fits inside most bed side-rails (From Twin XL to Family Bed XL)
  • Hypoallergenic powder-coated finish (black) metal grid
  • Inhibits dust mites and bed bugs
  • Folds away to a compact footprint for temporary bedding
  • 5 Year Warranty

The bigger your bed, the more storage space you'll get. For example, a Twin XL mattress is 80 inches long by 38 inches wide. If you multiply that by the 14 inches height of the HiRise Platform Bed, you get more than 26.6 cubic feet of storage.

The Family Bed XL is 84 inches long by 144 inches wide. If you multiply that by the 14 inches of the HiRise Platform Bed, you get 98 cubic feet of storage. That's more storage space than an extra closet! Maybe you can rent it out as storage space to one of your neighbors.


The Advantages of Moveable Bed Frames

First of all, our moveable bed frames are built strong and light. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to set up and move. Even though they're so light, they have heavy-duty steel construction and a full, 5-year warranty.

  • Accommodating extra guests? No problem. Moveable Bed Frames feature compact storage, so an extra frame or two won't take up much room. 
  • Rearranging where bed frames go when the kids grow up? It's a cinch. 
  • DIYers love these frames because they can easily support your headboard made of wood planks and particle board covered with a vinyl wrap or padded and upholstered for a touch of elegance.
  • Moving and moveable bed frames go hand in hand. Whether for college, the military, or an extended summer stay, these frames are easy to pack up and fit in a trailer.  
  • Just minutes to assemble with no tools because of the keyslot cross-arms
  • Heavy-duty headboard brackets.
  • Locking legs keep everything sure and steady.
  • Hercules plastic glides are sturdy and move easily across any type of flooring.




An Adjustable Bed Bonanza

Here's a little background information about adjustable bed frames. Originally, they were designed to be used in hospitals. Patients with painful conditions or who had to spend a lot of time in bed benefitted from having their heads and torsos raised or their legs raised.

This improved circulation and made it more comfortable. At first, the frames were adjusted manually, and then new designs made it possible to use electric motors and remote controls. 


PowerBedz Adjustable Bed Frames With Free Delivery

PowerBeds is reinventing the way the world sleeps on adjustable beds. There are four of these unique bed frames to choose from, and each one easily assembles in minutes with only one adult. 


  1. PowerBedz Head Up Adjustable Foundation

Features: Wired Remote, Head Up Articulate Only, Lift Capacity 850 lbs, and 1 Year Parts Warranty.


  1. PowerBedz Pioneer Adjustable Foundation

Features: Wireless Remote, Head Up/Down, Memory Buttons, One Touch Flat, Flashlight, and Lift Capacity 850 lbs.


  1. PowerBedz Deluxe Adjustable Foundation

Features: Wireless Remote, Head Up/Down, Foot Up/Down, Memory Buttons, One Touch Flat Button, 3 in 1 Legs, Flashlight on Remote, and Lift Capacity 850 lbs.



  1. PowerBedz Serenity Adjustable Foundation

Features: Wireless Remote, Head Up/Down, Foot Up/Down, Dual Massage, 5 Memory Buttons, Flashlight on Remote, 3 in 1 Legs, One Touch Flat Button, Timer for Massage, Under Bed Lights, and Lift Capacity 850 lbs. 




Serta Motion Foundations With Free Delivery

Serta is one of the most well-respected brand names, and it has a history of excellence. The Serta Motion line features two adjustable foundations that are proven performers. Serta includes the latest in whisper-quiet motors that are also energy-saving. High-quality fabrics cover the frame for an elegant and finished look. 

  1. Serta Motion Essentials IV Foundation

Features: 9" Black Stackable 3 in 1 legs, Zero Clearance Design, Smart Sync Pairing System, Wireless Remote, Emergency Power Back Up, One Touch Zero Gravity Position Pre-set Button, One Touch Flat Position Button, and Mattress Retainer Bar.

  1. Serta Motion Perfect III Foundation 

Features: Six-level Massage System, Head Up, Foot Up, Ultra Quiet Massage, Emergency Power Back Up, Zero Pinch Point Design, Convenient Flat Button, Pre-set Positions, Custom Memory Positions, Headboard Brackets, Zero Clearance Design, MegaFit Retainer, Pro-Fit Retainer, USB Charging Ports, Wall-Hugger Design, Innovative King Design, Smart Device Control, Wireless Remote, and Lift Capacity 850 lbs.


Tempur Adjustable Base Foundation

Tempur is recognized as an innovator in the sleep industry, and the same holds true for its line of Adjustable Bed Frames. Tempur offers three innovative and superior adjustable foundations.



  1. Tempur Ease 4.0 

Here are just a few of the stand-out features: Position Lock (Once you adjust to a certain position, it stays in that position. There is no need to readjust during the night because there's no drifting back while you sleep. Includes Zero Clearance and Child Lock features, which prevents children from accidentally operating the adjustments. Click here for more information.

  1. Tempur-Ergo Plus Adjustable Foundation With Free Delivery

Tempur-Ergo is a step up from Tempur Ease 4.0, and as such, it comes with key advantages. One of the most useful and convenient is the Optional leg height adjustment. This allows you to dial in precisely the most comfortable position while you sleep or rest. 


  1. Tempur-Ergo Extend Smart Adjustable Foundation With Free Delivery

If you're looking for the ultimate in adjustable beds, this is it. Tempur-Ergo Extend Smart offers unique advantages that are on the cutting edge of technology. To find out more, click here.

Here is just a brief preview of what makes this adjustable foundation so premium: Sleep Coaching, Smart Home Compatibility, Sleeptracker-AI to help you get relief from snoring, and a Daily Sleep Quality monitor. This is so much more than an adjustable bed frame. The Sleep-Learn-Adjust capability sets a new industry standard. 





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