Our Top 5 Mattresses for Kids


Studies show peaceful and restful sleep is more important to children than any other age group. Proper mental and physical growth in children occurs in large part during sleep. The quality and duration of their sleep also impacts their general health, well-being, and energy levels throughout the day for sports, studies, and emotional development. It is during their all-important sleep that their bodies develop fastest, from bones to hormones, brain cells to physical makeup.

Of course, kids being kids, they can fall asleep just about anywhere. But should they? Once you realize how crucial the quality of their sleep is to their development, you can do so much to help your child. “Hand-me-downs” and “old-school” mattresses don’t cut it anymore and they don’t come close to providing the comfort and support of today’s quality mattresses.




If you are a parent looking for the best mattress options for your child, you will find this reference guide handy and helpful. We have combined our research, several customer reviews as well as the needs of growing children to select our top 5 mattresses for kids. But first, let us take a look at what makes a good mattress for children.


What Makes the Best Mattress for Your Child?

A healthy sleep schedule and experience contribute immensely towards growth and development, good cardiac health, and weight management early in life. This is why some features take precedence over others when looking for the right mattress for your child.


Comfort and Support

When it comes to choosing a mattress, a child’s firmness level might be a matter of personal preference. However, a good mattress should be able to prevent extra pressure on the lower body and offer adequate support and comfort.



When it comes to choosing the size of a mattress it’s usually the-larger-the-better. This avoids having to size-up as your child grows. A larger mattress also gives your child enough room for their pillows and the varied sleeping positions kids often try. Thinking long term about their needs when you choose a mattress is better for you in the end.



From jumping and dancing on their bed to sharing it with their pet -- from sleepovers with friends and cousins to days when they are down with fever, children need mattresses that can last a long time despite taking a beating or two.




Material and Quality

A surprising amount of research and technology goes into today’s mattresses. The type of materials used, the quality of these materials, exactly how they’re combined to interact with each other are all important factors to consider. What type of foam, latex, coils, springs, wool and synthetics contribute to the overall quality of a particular mattress and directly affects the sleep experience.


Keeping in mind how important a mattress is to your child and knowing some of what goes into a quality mattress, take a few moments to review our top 5 mattress recommendations.


The Best 5 Mattresses for Kids



PG 1400 13” Plush Hybrid Mattress

The PG 1400 13” Plus Hybrid Mattress is available in multiple size ranges – Queen, King, Full, Twin, Twin XL, and California King sizes. It is one of the most durable varieties available, thanks to its quantum edge steel perimeter which is considered better than ordinary foam encasements.


This mattress has been specially engineered to wick away moisture and keep your child cool, dry, and comfortable. The continuous sculptured channels in its gel-infused poly quilt layers help promote air exchange for a refreshing night’s sleep. This adjustable base-friendly mattress comes with an impressive warranty of 10 years and is certainly a great investment.


11” TEMPUR-Adapt® Medium Hybrid

If you are looking for a premium-quality mattress that personalized support and comfort, you need to look no further than the 11” Tempur-Adapt Medium Hybrid Mattress. This premium kids’ innerspring mattress has been designed for advanced adaptability. It is super soft and cool to the touch due to its first-class knit technology. You can choose from five different types of foundations or none at all, and sizes ranging from Queen, King, Twin XL, Split King, and Full varieties.


Serta iComfort 13.5” CF4000 Plush Memory Foam Mattress

A high-quality kids’ foam mattress offers superior comfort and softness and of course,  exceptional strength and support for your back and neck. The Serta iComfort 13.5” CF4000 Plus Memory Foam Mattress is our best pick in this range which comes with the Ultra-Cool PCM feature to cool the sleeping surface, making it easier to fall asleep faster and eliminating pressure points.


Other interesting features like Air Support Foam, contours according to your body and helps alleviate aches and pains. Apart from adjustability to seven foundation types, the Stable Base Foundation in this mattress by Serta offers a unique, strong-structure to isolate motion transfer, which is great if your kid shares their bed with their siblings or with you. The product is available in various sizes, including Queen, King, Californian King, and Twin Memory Foam Mattresses.


Taylor & Wells® 17” Everest Mega Pillow Top Mattress

Your search for the best kids’ pillow top mattress ends with the Taylor & Wells 17” Everest Mega Pillow Top Mattress. It comes with a luxury channel quilt for the ultimate comfort and Superchill CoolTEX Thermocol Ticking for the optimum sleep environment. This thick mattress is available in an array of sizes and adapts well to different types of foundations.


The mattress uses copper for helping kids naturally combat restlessness, besides offering antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and non-allergenic material properties. The mattress also offers extensive edge support with quantum coil concentration towards the edge and in the center third of the mattress. Its responsive support and buoyant feel make it a great choice for side sleepers.


Taylor & Wells® 13” Arctic Bay Extra Firm Mattress

For a mattress with an innerspring core, the Taylor & Wells 13” Arctic Bay Extra Firm Mattress offers impressive motion isolation, edge support, and temperature control. Its gel-infused memory foam offers pressure relief and copper helps combat restlessness naturally. The extra firm quilting and support layers provide the firm comfort and noticeable support that side and back sleepers need.


The mattress is engineered to keep your child comfortable while its Thermocool™ technology makes the mattress cool to the touch and wicks away moisture. Flexible quantum coil side rails offer long-lasting flexible support. The mattress is available in Queen, King, Twin, Twin XL, Full, and California King sizes and moderate thickness.


Sleeping Well is Very Important for Children


Here’s some additional information about how important it is to choose the right mattress for your child. According to the National Sleep Foundation, a good night’s sleep has several positive impacts on both the mental and physical development of children of any age.

According to the NSF, by the age of two years, children end up spending more time asleep than awake. On average, children spend 40% of their childhood sleeping. The American Academy of Paediatrics has highlighted that adequate and quality sleep impacts attention, behavior, learning, memory, emotional regulation, and quality of life apart from mental and physical health in children of all age groups, from babies to teens.


This makes it clear that picking the right mattress is not just desirable but also crucial for your child’s overall growth and well-being. A quality mattress that helps your child get a good night’s sleep is certainly a great investment. At the Bedding Mart, we have a range of high-quality options for the specific needs of your child and you. 


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