The 3-Day Weekend Myth: Debunking Mattress Sale Expectations


In a popular consumer culture, the prevailing belief is that the best time to snag incredible deals on mattresses is during extended 3 day weekends and holidays. The likes of Black Friday, Labor Day, Memorial Day, Presidents’ Day, and Christmas are often seen as golden opportunities for shoppers to capitalize on deep discounts and promotions offered by mattress brands. Mattress retailers cut down prices on these occasions because they know that people are not at work or school and are looking for things to do on their extra days off.

Memorial Day, for instance, is a big weekend because it’s the unofficial start of summer. The warmer weather signals rest, and people just want to get a good mattress for quality sleep. Besides, most Americans move during summer months – whether it’s due to new jobs, internships, changing homes, or starting life as newlyweds – and therefore they will need a new mattress.

As the Mattress Advisor puts it, people love to spend their free time roaming shopping centers and malls with their families. When a couple has a rare chance to shop together, they’re most likely to make an expensive purchase like a mattress because these often need input from both people. Even if they had set out to shop for an occasion like Christmas or Thanksgiving, they still wouldn’t be able to resist an enticing markdown on mattress prices.




But the idea that these weekends guarantee the best mattress deals is not always true. The reality is that you can still get fantastic mattress deals at any time of the year! So, before you pop your credit card on a mattress sale, take a moment to explore the factors that influence mattress prices.

Factors Influencing Mattress Prices

Holiday weekend sales paint a picture of unbeatable deals. However, understanding the underlying factors that influence mattress prices can help you strategize for the best deal throughout the year. The factors include:

  • Quality of materials used in a mattress, with high-end ones being more expensive.
  • Brand reputation. Top brands command higher prices because of their reputation for quality and durability.
  • Design and technology. Mattresses with advanced construction and innovative designs like smart features, adjustable bases, and customizable firmness levels tend to be priced higher.
  • Retail markup and overhead, with traditional brick-and-mortar stores charging more because of overhead costs like staffing, utilities and rent.
  • Fluctuations in the costs of raw materials, transportation, and labor can impact the overall production costs of mattresses.
  • Branding and marketing costs. In most cases, the big sales event is a part of a strategic marketing plan to attract customers.

All these factors go into pricing. So, in as much as there are great discounts over Black Friday or Memorial Day weekend, there’s no way a retailer will sell below the cost of production or significantly below the overall value of the mattress.

With that said, you should always pay attention to the final prize as opposed to the sale. For example, 50% off a memory foam mattress may not be the best deal if the original price was significantly marked up or if the mattress lacks the desired quality and features.

You should also be cautious about marketing tactics that create a sense of urgency, especially during sales events. Retailers might use phrases like "limited-time offer" or "exclusive deal" to prompt quick decisions. Take the time to research and compare options to ensure that the chosen mattress aligns with your preferences (sleep position, firmness level, mattress size, etc.) and budget.




Strategies to Secure the Best Deals at Any Time of the Year

Here’s how to secure the best deals throughout the year:

Timing of New Models

Mattress manufacturers often release new models at specific times of the year, leading retailers to discount older models to make room for the new inventory. These options can provide significant savings, especially if you are open to purchasing close-out models.

The Bedding Mart, for instance, has an incredible year-end clearance sale with discounts of up to $1,500 on display models, $1,000 on Beautyrest Hybrid and $2,000 on Taylor & Wells adjustable sets. They also have 40% off iComfort display models plus a $300 free bonus cash with any iComfort and 50% off Tempur-Pedic display models. So basically, you save from $77 for twin mattresses, $107 for a full mattress and $137 for queen sized mattresses.

End-of-Month and End-of-Quarter Sales

Retailers have sales targets to meet at the end of each month or fiscal quarter. So they may offer discounts or promotions to achieve these goals. Consider shopping towards the end of these periods when retailers may be more motivated to meet sales targets.

Online Retailers and Direct-to-Consumer Brands

Online mattress retailers and direct-to-consumer brands have lower overhead costs compared to traditional brick-and-mortar stores. As such, they may offer competitive pricing throughout the year. Keep an eye on online sales, discounts and promo codes to secure cost-effective deals. The best part is that most of these online stores encourage you to subscribe to their email notification so they can notify you about upcoming promotional sales and discounts.

Comparison Shopping

Take the time to compare prices across different retailers and brands. Online tools and price comparison websites can assist in identifying the best deals. Don't limit yourself to a single store; explore various options to find the most cost-effective mattress that meets your preferences. It’s also best to look beyond the sale – this way, you can make informed decisions that don’t just lead to short-term savings but also long-term satisfaction with your mattress investment.




Consider Off-Peak Seasons

Mattress retailers may experience slower sales during certain seasons. Shopping during off-peak periods, when demand is lower, could result in better deals as retailers may be more willing to reduce prices to stimulate sales. Besides, most retailers are open to negotiation, meaning you can bargain for a better deal even when no sale is running.

The Bedding Mart Has Some Incredible All-Year-Round Deals

Holidays and long weekends are great times to buy, but the Bedding Mart doesn’t always approach sales as a make-or-break business opportunity. We have year-round deals, allowing the flexibility to purchase mattresses at any time you require a new one. Explore our incredible deals today and experience the flexibility of securing a high-quality mattress at any time you need it. At the Bedding Mart, great savings are not limited to specific dates – they're available every day for your convenience and satisfaction.


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