Upholstered Bed Frames vs. Wood or Steel Frames


The possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing a bed frame. The choice between upholstered bed frames and wood or steel frames is baffling. Knowing what sets them apart can help you make the right buying decision. So, in this article, we’ll highlight the qualities of upholstered bed frames vs. wood or steel frames to help you make the right choice.

Buying a bed frame



A bed frame is not just a place to hold your mattress. A stylish bed frame can be the focal point of your bedroom décor. It will also provide the support and comfort you need to get a proper night rest. So choosing a new bed frame should never be an afterthought. It should be as crucial as getting the right mattress. Before you set out to buy a mattress, ensure you take some time to pick the perfect frame first. That said, here’s a comparison of upholstered, wood and steel frames.

Wooden bed frames

Wood platform beds have been the traditional choice for centuries. And it remains a popular option for its long-lasting durability and elegance. Wooden bed frames are easy to clean and don’t need much maintenance. You could clean them with wood polish to restore their original look even after years of use. And the best part is wood looks great with imperfections. So the holes, cracks and nicks still make it more desirable. Add that to the fact that they are versatile, customizable and can integrate storage drawers for more storage and you understand why wood is a top choice for many people.




Besides, wooden frames come in a range of styles. You can choose a plain wood frame if you wish to save money or desire a simple style or go for a more ornate appearance that could include designs carved in the wood. You can also select from a range of colors as there are darker woods like mahogany, medium wood like oak and lighter woods like maple. From king size platform beds to curved sleigh beds, wooden beds are just as varied as upholstered beds, if not more. So basically, you can find a bed frame that aligns with master or guest bedroom décor.

The main downside of solid wooden bed frames is that they are heavy. So, if you are the type that relocates often, it might be an inconvenience moving it around. Again, solid wood bed frames are expensive and may not be a great choice if you’re working with a tight budget. Lastly, wood frames are hard and not that comfortable to rest on.

Steel frames



Metal bed frames are made from steel or iron. They often have a minimalistic appearance, though they are durable. In fact, there’s nothing quite as tough as steel when it comes to bed frames. Solid and sturdy steel bed frames are meant to ensure you have a great night sleep at all times. That’s because you won’t have to deal with insect damage, cracks, and splinters or worry about the bed frame getting weaker or breaking as you would with wood.

On top of that, steel beds are also stylish and versatile. They’re available in vast styles, designs, and finishes. So, whether you’re looking for a more mid-century modern look or a romantic canopy, you’ve got a lot of options, making it easy to find a bed that matches your bedroom décor. Similarly, you can get options with beautiful footboards and headboards. What’s more, metal beds are easy to clean and move around. They can even include storage options.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of steel beds is the price. They tend to be more economical and cost lesser than wood. So if you’re on a tight budget, a metal bed frame can be the best option for supporting your mattress. But it's important to note that while some steel platform bed frames will let you put a mattress on them, cheap frames will need both a mattress and box springA platform bed frame provides hard foundation, cutting out the need for a spring box.

However, some people shy away from steel bed frames because they don’t provide as much elegance as their wooden and upholstered counterparts. Not to mention the fact that the frame is hard and not comfortable to lean on. Also, so much depends on wielding quality. High-quality workmanship translates to better functionality and durability, but the opposite is also true. The metal legs can also scratch the floor.

Upholstered bed frames



Upholstered bed frames are a great alternative to wood and steel bed frames. They provide a nice and soft feel to the room and eliminate the need for a bed skirt. If you are the type that loves watching, eating, daydreaming or reading in bed, then you’ll love this frame. That’s because upholstered bed frames have their headboards covered with some form of cushioning and soft fabric like suede, velvet or leather for additional comfort and support. The headboards also incorporate vivid details like buttons, grommets and tufts into the material for a more defined depth of cushioning and texture. That’s why upholstered beds symbolize luxury.

With so many colors to pick from, upholstered bed frames provide a stylish and versatile option for bedrooms. Steel and wood bed frames are primarily available in neutral –tones, which can be pretty limiting. Upholstered beds can have any color you think of. With the right amount of money and imagination, anything is possible with these bed frames.

But the comfort, softness and fluffiness come at a price – upholstered bed frames are harder to clean and take care of. Any coffee, pet hair, spills, wine stains and other issues with your bed can cost you time and money. Again, depending on the fabric you choose, you’ll need to adhere to specific instructions on how to take care of it, or you might end up ruining the look of your bed. Besides, the thick padding on upholstered beds tends to take more space than steel and wood frames. So, it might not be ideal for small spaces.




Picking the right bed frame

All bed frames have their pros and cons, so whichever you choose will depend on your preference, space, budget and existing décor. Other aspects, like mattress size and bed height and bulkiness, may also come to play. So, take time to think about all these before setting out to buy a bed frame.


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