What is a Family Bed? A Complete Guide to America's Largest Mattress


What if we told you that there was a mattress so large it comfortably fit your entire family, plus your furry friends? A mattress that lets you gather, relax, watch a movie, read a book,  and enjoy a good night's sleep without feeling cramped? Say hello to the family bed, the ultimate solution for families looking to enhance their home life. 

What is a Family Bed?

As the name suggests, a family bed is a super-sized bed that stretches beyond the standard king. The bed is so big that it comfortably accommodates the whole family—parents, kids, and pets. In some cases, the biggest bed sizes measure as wide as 144 inches, which is almost twice the width of a normal king-sized bed. With so much space to share, a family bed provides ample room for everyone to spread out and enjoy their space. 


Features of a Family Bed

When we talk about a family bed, size matters—a lot. After all, it is a family bed for a reason; everyone is invited. Let's have a quick look at some features that these enormous beds have: 

Expansive Size

The Family Bed isn't just big—it's expansive. Imagine a mattress larger than a king-sized bed, providing ample room for the whole family. This means everyone gets their own space to stretch out and relax. There's plenty of room for all, whether you have kids or pets, making it perfect for those cozy family movie nights or lazy Sunday mornings spent in bed.

Adjustable base

Not everyone in your household will prefer the same mattress levels, which is why many family beds come with an adjustable base. With such a base, you can modify the incline of the sleeping surface to accommodate your needs and personal preferences. You might want to elevate the bed to help with snoring or acid reflux, while other times you might prefer a flatter position for optimal spinal alignment while sleeping. This capability ensures that you can achieve the optimal sleep posture, even if it changes from night to night. 

Benefits of Having a Family Bed

Let's explore some incredible benefits of a family bed:

Flexible Sleeping for Everyone


The beauty of the family bed is its ability to cater to different needs without a fuss. Whether it's a little one needing a midnight cuddle, a teen sneaking in after a bad dream, or even a pet that wants to be close, there's room for all.

It's a game changer for breastfeeding moms—no more trekking to the nursery for feedings; roll over, and you're there. Plus, with options to adjust firmness and positions, everyone can tailor their spot just how they like it, ensuring a peaceful night's sleep for the whole family.

Unmatched Comfort for the Whole Family

In a family bed, there's plenty of room to stretch out, turn over, and settle in for a comfortable night's sleep. You won't have to worry about crowding or accidentally rolling into each other. High-quality materials like memory foam make the bed comfortable by easing pressure points and helping keep everyone's movements from waking each other up. Plus, features like cooling gels ensure everyone stays cool and comfy all night, even during those warm summer nights.

A Cozy Corner for Family Bonding

The shared space naturally strengthens the bonds between family members, providing a sense of closeness and security that's especially comforting for children. According to one research, babies who co-sleep have a stronger emotional relationship with their parents and siblings. Not only that but studies also show that co-sleeping lowers stress levels for babies and enhances parental emotional regulation and feelings of closeness to their babies.

Tips for Choosing the Right Family Bed

While family beds offer numerous benefits for families, not all are created equally. So, the goal is to ensure you find the right one for you and your loved ones. Here is a quick breakdown of what you should consider when purchasing a family bed. 

Consider the Size and Material

Start with selecting the right size to ensure comfort for everyone. A king-sized mattress is often ideal for family beds as it offers ample space for multiple family members. When choosing the material, organic cotton is a fantastic choice for the covering fabric because it's gentle on the skin, environmentally friendly, and free from harmful chemicals.


Get the Comfort Just Right

Everyone likes their mattress differently—some like it firm, others soft. But since you are getting one big mattress, you want to strike a balance regarding firmness levels. A mattress between 4 and 6 on the firmness scale (medium, medium-plush, or plush) is usually ideal. If a loved one has sleep disorders, an adjustable base can be a lifesaver as it allows the mattress to be adjusted for their comfort. 

Motion Isolation

The thing about a family bed is that everyone sleeps together in the same bed. This means there will be a lot of movement, which can disrupt sleep, especially for light sleepers. A memory foam mattress can help to this end because it absorbs motions.

On top of that, memory foam is excellent for alleviating pressure points. It contours to the body's shape, distributes weight evenly, and reduces the pressure that builds up in areas like the knees, hips, and shoulders.

Look for Comfort Enhancing Features

Look for mattresses that include cooling technologies, especially if your family tends to overheat at night. Mattresses infused with cooling gel or constructed with breathable materials can help regulate temperature, ensuring a more comfortable sleep environment for everyone.

Get a Quality Family Bed at the Bedding Mart

We at the Bedding Mart are big fans of family beds. Explore our king-sized bed collection if you're looking for quality family beds and bedding. It includes options with various firmness levels and features, such as cooling technology and motion isolation, ensuring you and your loved ones enjoy a quality time together.

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