Why do Pets Like to Sleep in Bed With Their Humans?



To your pets, you are family, plain and simple. You are their loved ones, their protectors, their soulmates, and most importantly, their very own family. No wonder they like to be close to you! Let’s examine why your pets like to sleep in bed with you.


A Relationship Like No Other

The relationship between humans and pets is a fascinating example of co-evolution, dating back thousands of years. The earliest known domesticated animal was the dog, which humans began taming around 15,000 to 30,000 years ago, according to archaeological and genetic evidence.

These early dogs likely descended from wolves that became attracted to human settlements for easy access to food. Over generations, wolves that were less fearful and more tolerant of humans would have had an evolutionary advantage, gradually leading to the domesticated dogs we know today. This process of self-domestication laid the foundation for a profound interspecies friendship marked by mutual benefit and cohabitation. 




We can’t prove it, but we’re pretty sure all this bonding and co-evolution didn’t involve crate training. (Apologies, my spouse and I are in the middle of a spirited discussion about whether crate training a puppy is necessary.)


Pet Dogs, Pet Cats, and Pet-Whatever-Makes-You-Happy

The evolution of pets went hand in hand with the evolution of human society. As humans transitioned from a nomadic lifestyle to settled farming communities, the roles of these animals evolved as well. Dogs, for instance, took on various jobs like guarding homes and livestock, hunting, and providing companionship. Cats were welcomed for their prowess in hunting rodents and protecting grain stores in early agricultural societies.

The symbiotic relationship between humans and their pets led to an emotional bond that strengthened over time, aided by the animals' utility and sociability. Animals that were better at communicating with humans or that evoked stronger nurturing instincts were more likely to be cared for and thus more likely to survive and reproduce, deepening this bond over generations.


Mental Health, Immune System, Blood Pressure and Other Health Benefits

Today, pets are less about utility and more about companionship, love, and emotional support. 

The evolution of this bond is also reflected in research showing the psychological and physical benefits of pet ownership, including decreased anxiety and stress, improved heart health, and increased social interaction.




Best Medical Advice? Get a Dog or Cat or . . . 

Scientific research has increasingly acknowledged the health benefits associated with pet ownership, including both physical and mental health improvements. Studies conducted by universities around the world have contributed significantly to this body of knowledge.


A study by the University of Alberta, Canada,  found that children who grow up with pets have a lower risk of developing allergies and obesity. The presence of pets in the home was associated with a more diverse microbiome, which is believed to contribute to a stronger immune system. Another study by the University of Missouri showed that dog owners are more likely to meet recommended physical activity levels than non-owners, thanks to the necessity of regular dog walking.


From a mental health perspective, a study by the University of British Columbia found that the presence of therapy dogs significantly reduced stress in students. Another study conducted by Purdue University's College of Veterinary Medicine discovered that veterans with PTSD showed significant improvements in their symptoms and quality of life after adopting service dogs. Similarly, research from Harvard Medical School suggests that pet ownership can alleviate feelings of loneliness and depression and can provide a sense of purpose and responsibility that enhances mental well-being.


Would You Like Sharing a Big Bed or a Pet Bed?




I don’t know about you, but I don’t fit on my dog’s bed, so I’d rather he sleep in mine. Then again, it depends on just how big your pet is. The size range of pets that people keep is incredibly varied and can span from minuscule to massive.

On the smaller end of the spectrum, pets can include diminutive creatures such as insects like ants, which can be kept in ant farms, or small rodents like hamsters or gerbils. Moving up in size, we have rabbits, cats, and small to medium-sized dog breeds. Parrots and other larger birds also fall within this intermediate size range. On the larger end of the spectrum, people may keep Saint Bernards or Great Danes.

By the way, according to AKC, there are even bigger dog breeds that some people love. Can you imagine?



“We’re Going To Need a Bigger Boat,” Uh, I Mean Bed

I’m a light sleeper, and according to “someone,” I might have a sleep disorder. Okay, yes, I snore, but you should hear our dog. If you’re worried about your sleep quality when your furry friend wants to sleep in your bed, it’s probably a good idea to consider a bigger bed. 


The Taylor & Wells Family Bed – The Ultimate Bed For Families

The Taylor & Wells Family Bed has been designed with the modern family in mind - one that often includes not just parents and children but also beloved pets. This bed provides an expansive sleeping surface that ensures everyone has their own comfortable space, a critical feature for families who enjoy co-sleeping. Its luxurious size is perfect for larger families or those with multiple pets, preventing the all-too-familiar scenario of being pushed to the edge of your own bed.


The bed's sturdy construction and high-quality materials ensure it can withstand the exuberant play of children and pets. The comfortable mattress provides excellent support for all sleepers, regardless of their size or preferred sleeping position. Plus, the hypoallergenic materials used are beneficial for those with allergies, a common concern in households with pets.


The Taylor & Wells Family Bed is not just a place to sleep—it's a place to bond, share stories, and create memories. It promotes a sense of togetherness and comfort, truly making it a perfect bed for families and pets.




Hybrid or Memory Foam

Not only does the Taylor & Wells Family Bed come in two sizes, 120 inches wide and 144 inches wide, but you can also choose a hybrid or a memory foam construction. The hybrid model features a new generation, cooling gel memory foam, and fabric-encased coil springs for support and edge stability. The next-generation cooling gel memory foam mattress offers excellent motion isolation and that one-of-a-kind memory foam softness. 


Bring the Whole Family, Furry Friends and all

Give your family the gift of sleep with a Taylor & Wells Family Bed. Enjoy the comfort of shared experiences without losing personal space.




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