What Sizes of Comforter Are There?



Prepare thyself. You're about to step into the great unknown. The last person who set out to discover how many comforter sizes there are hasn't been heard from again. Elon Musk has a better chance of landing on Mars than we do of getting to the bottom of this question.

But we're in this together, so be brave, pack a snack, and no matter what you see or what you hear, never, ever let go of your handy dandy measuring tape.

Here's one for you. Careful, it's only ten feet long, and on our journey, you might need a pocket laser.

I bet you think we're kidding. Okay, what would you use to measure a comforter made for the largest production mattress in the US that's twelve feet wide? Yes, there really are beds as big as that! You might even have one in your neighborhood. It probably has its own zip code.




What is a comforter?

When I searched the Google, this is what I found: "A comforter is a large fabric envelope stuffed with fluffy materials like feathers, goose down, wool, cotton or polyester fill. It's placed on a bed to keep you warm."

Easy right? So, what's the difference between a comforter and a duvet and a quilt? All three terms are interchangeable depending on which part of the country you reside in. Some believe comforters are bigger and fluffier than duvet covers and others swear it's the other way around.

So, when you're looking for yours, especially online, keep an open mind.


Everyone likes an extra comforter

Whether you've got company in bunk beds during the holidays, or a single sleeper in a single mattress, having a couple of extra comforters on hand will keep everyone warm and cozy.


Standard sizes aren't at all standard

Ever play tug of war with a comforter on a chilly night because your bedmate is hogging it all? There is no need to get upset and crumble up crackers on their side of the bed. It might be that your queen-sized comforter doesn't match your queen mattress. If you like going back and forth to the store with a big ol' comforter under your arm, okay, but the only way to be sure is you have the right comforter is to get the measurements first.


Add a few manufacturers into the mix-up

They don't do it on purpose. There are no accepted specifications on sizes of comforters. Manufacturers go with what they think is right, and sometimes they can't help it if they get a little competitive with their "my comforter is bigger than yours" claims.

It's also a matter of personal preference. Some people like the comforter to touch the floor at the foot of the bed and on the sides with plenty to spare at the headboard. This is too messy for others.

Quick quiz -- if both sets of people use a queen-size mattress, will a queen comforter satisfy both preferences? Gee, where did that measuring tape go?




Mattress Match Maker

Thankfully there are standard mattress sizes. The chart below will help guide you when it comes to choosing a comforter. We've listed the most popular mattress sizes. Please keep in mind the chart contents t are just suggestions.

Below, you'll find some tips on how the overall height of your bed and how low you like your comforter to hang can affect the size of the comforter you need.


Twin Bed                       Width 38inches                         Width 68inches
                                       Length 75inches                       Length 86-88inches
Twin XL Bed                  Width 38inches                         Width 68inches
                                       Length 75inches                       Length 86-88inches

Full Bed                         Width 54 inches                        Width 84inches
                                       Length 75inches                       Length 88inches
Queen Bed                    Width 60inches                         Width 88inches
                                       Length 80inches                       Length 100inches
Eastern King                 Width  76inches                        Width 106inches
                                       Length 80inches                       Length 100inches
California King Bed      Width 72inches                         Width  102inches
                                       Length 84inches                       Length 108inches






Some un-commonly large and popular mattress sizes

You're really on your own when it comes to choosing an oversize comforter for these gigantic mattresses. To figure out the comforter measurements, you may want to add 30 - 36 inches to the mattress width and add another 34 inches to the mattress length for the comforter. Keep in mind you can always use multiple comforters to cover the whole bed.

Plenty of couples who sleep together on a king-size mattress use a Twin size comforter of their own for a his and her set. No more tugs of war are necessary. His and her comforters also help with different temperature preferences.

Here's a tidbit – two Twin size mattresses placed side by side are the same width as an Eastern King. A California King is roughly the same size as two Twin XL mattresses.


Alaskan King

Measuring 108" x 108" (9' x 9'), the Alaskan King mattress is very large. It is the equivalent of two full extra-large 54 x 80 size mattresses with an additional 28" added to the end of the length.

Alberta King

Alberta King comes second after the Alaskan King mattress, measuring 96" x 96" (8' x 8'). It is slightly larger than a single and queen bed combined and is meant for people who love the comfort of a large, square-shaped bed but are slightly more limited with space.

Texas King

Measuring 80" x 98", the Texas King is wider and longer than your average California bed. Unfortunately, it's narrower than the Wyoming King, the smallest of the giant mattresses. But it compensates for this loss with the additional 14 inches length.

Family Bed

For those with a large enough master bedroom, you might want to look at a Family Bed. A standard Family Bed is 120" inches wide x 80" inches long, which is like two standard queen-sized beds. However, you can also get an extra-large family bed that comes in at 144" x 84" (12 feet). Taylor & Wells Family Bed is available in both sizes.






How to calculate the size of your comforter

Walk up to the side of your bed and decide how far from the floor you'd like the side of your comforter to hang. Then measure the distance between this point and the top surface of the mattress. This is amount A

Stand at the end of the bed and decide how far from the floor you'd like the end of your comforter to hang. Then measure the distance between this point and the top surface of the mattress. This is amount B

Standing at the head of the bed, decide if you want the top edge to touch your headboard. If so, there is no measurement needed.

Now measure the width of your bare mattress and add twice the measurement for A. This is now the ideal width for your comforter.

For the ideal length of your comforter, measure the length of your bare mattress and add B.

Some additional tips

When shopping for a comforter, please make sure you go by the dimensions listed and not the common name or mattress size used. The dimensions should be listed in the detailed description if you're looking online. If you're in the store, the dimensions will be on the packaging.

If all else fails, there's usually a tag somewhere on the comforter with the dimensions listed. And if not, then bust out your measuring tape right there in the middle of the store and go to town with it. Anyone who has purchased the wrong size comforter in the past will give you a big, warm smile.




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