How Many Sizes of Beds Are There?


When shopping for a new mattress, there are many things one may want to consider, such as: mattress type, thickness, and how soft or firm you would like your new mattress to be. While all of these are important in terms of helping to decide which mattress you will ultimately get, there is one thing that's for certain, at least for most people, the overall size of the mattress will be a major factor for helping to decide which one will help you get the best night’s sleep possible. Surprisingly, there are quite a few options for different mattress sizes sure to fit the individual needs of any buyer!


Here’s a look at the most popular mattress sizes.



Crib mattress are the smallest mattress available and are meant for babies or toddlers. For safety reasons, these mattresses are also much firmer than others. The standard crib mattress measures 28 inches across in width and 52 inches long, or 28X52 inches. While some models may vary by an inch or so in length, the standard crib mattress is slightly larger than 2 ft by 4 ft. Like adult mattresses, spring or memory foam crib mattresses are often available.




Single/Small Single

This mattress size is a little less popular but it is still worth mentioning as they make a great transition bed for toddlers and smaller children. The standard single mattress is 36X75 inches (3 ft by 6.25 ft). They do have what is known as a small single mattress size as well for those tighter spaces. The small single bed measures 30X75 inches or 2.5 feet by 6.25 feet. Both of these options are great for a growing child or if you need a smaller mattress to fit within a tight space.

Twin/Twin XL

The twin mattress is usually best for kids, bunk beds, or single sleepers. It is also just a great option for smaller spaces like a studio apartment. The standard twin sized mattress is usually 39X75 inches (3.25 ft by 6.25 ft). However, If you feel like your growing teen needs a little more room but you still need the mattress to fit within a small space, there is also the twin XL mattress, which typically measures 39X80 inches (3.25 ft by 6.67 ft), giving you an extra 5 inches of length on the mattress. If you do decide to opt for the XL size, take caution that you buy a frame that can fit the mattress as some twin sizes do not.

Full/Full XL

Full size beds, also commonly known as double beds, are popular choices for guest rooms, single sleepers, or couples who like to cuddle. These beds are 54X75 inches (4.5 ft by 6.25 ft). These beds are a great option that lies between the twin size and the queen size, but if you still feel like you might need a little extra room there is also the option of buying the full XL mattress size. The full XL is 54X80 inches or 4.5 ft by 6.67 ft, which will give you an added 5 inches of length.




Queen/Olympic Queen

Today, queen mattresses are the most popular size in the United States. So, it is pretty safe to say that most everyone has slept on this size of mattress at one point in their lives or another. These are also a great option for most master bedrooms as the majority of couples can comfortably fit in them and they don’t take up too much space. The standard queen size mattress is 60X80 inches, or 5 ft by 6.67 ft. However, if you feel like you don’t have the room for a bigger bed but are still worried that this size just isn't enough, there is also an Olympic queen size mattress. These mattresses are usually 66X80 inches (5.5 ft by 6.67 ft), offering a half a foot more of sleeping space.

King/California King

King size mattresses offer a great deal of space. They usually measure 76X80 inches (6.34 ft by 6.67 ft) and are great for couples who sleep with their pets, their children, or maybe even both. Sometimes a luxury, as some people do not have the space for this large sized bed. Another option that is common for people who need a little bit more space is the California king bed. California king mattresses are 72X84 inches, or 6 ft by 7 ft. This option gives you a little less room to roll around from side to side, but it adds a few inches to the length of the mattress.

The Family Bed

Even bigger still, is The Taylor & Wells Family Bed. These beds are part of a growing trend that allow you to comfortably sleep with the whole family! Any co-sleeper knows the many added benefits that come from co- sleeping with your children or your pets.




Sometimes, though, mattress space just doesn't allow us to do that. Well, with The Taylor & Wells Family Bed, that is no longer a problem. These comfortable beds come in two different sizes and two different options, gel memory foam or a hybrid option. The smaller size family bed measures 80X120 inches, that's 10 feet wide and 6.67 feet long! The larger size family bed is 84X144 inches, making this mattress an astonishing 12 feet wide and 7 feet long! Imagine all of the sleeping you and your entire family can do on these amazingly comfortable and massive beds!

From our family to yours, The Bedding Mart offers a large range of popular mattress sizes that are sure to fit all of your needs! We have trained mattress specialists that can answer any question you might have, we also have a fully self-serving website if you like to shop all of our bedding products from the comfort of your own home as well. Stop in at one of our 9 locations or visit us online! As always, we are more than happy to help.


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