Why Should You Buy a Mattress In-Person?


With the average person spending about one-third of their entire life on a bed sleeping, it’s no wonder that you would want to make the right purchase if you happened to be in the market for buying a new mattress. During this rise in popularity of the online shopping craze, it would be easy to make the decision to buy your new mattress online.

While it could seem like the easier option, at least initially, it could very well end up being the wrong decision in the end. It could ultimately leave you having to make that extra trip to the mattress store anyways. So, if you are considering whether to buy your new mattress online, then here are a few reasons why we would suggest going to a brick and mortar store like The Bedding Mart.


Availability to try the mattress before buying

The problem with buying online, especially when it comes to a new mattress, is that you do not have the option to try any of them out before you actually end up putting it inside your “shopping cart”. When you go into a mattress store in person, though, you do have the option of laying down on each one of the beds you are thinking about buying and you get to see first hand all of the benefits that each different mattress type has to offer. 

Likelihood of being satisfied

When you make a purchase online, you will always run the risk of not liking the actual product received. This can be very unfortunate to the purchaser, considering it most likely took some time to get there. With in-person mattress shopping, you take away the chance that you will end up with a product that you are really not satisfied with. Plus, this way you won't have to deal with all of the hassle that comes with trying to return the now unwanted item either. 

Full-service delivery

Unfortunately, a lot of online mattress companies do not offer a full-service delivery option to their customers. If you have ever received something in a box and had to set it up yourself, you know how frustrating this can be. However, when you make a purchase from a mattress store in-person, you will most likely have the option for a full-service delivery. This means that not only will they have your new mattress delivered right to your front door, but they will actually set it up for you too! 


Delivery speed

It can seem like the faster option at first to buy your new mattress online but on average, brick and mortar mattress stores have quicker delivery speeds. Who wants to end up waiting 30 days for such a big and exciting purchase, especially with the added chance that you may not even end up liking your new bed in a box mattress. The good news is that with brick and mortar stores your new mattress will be delivered in just a matter of days, sometimes even on a day of your choosing.

Old mattress take away

Say if everything does happen to go right, taking into account everything that could go wrong, and you end up liking the new bed you had purchased online, what happens now with your old one? Well, you won’t have that problem when you buy your new mattress from an in-person retailer! The majority of in-store mattress retailers offer to take away your old mattress for little to no charge when they drop off your new one, helping to save you from the extra stress of getting rid of the old one.



Purchasing in store will make returns easier

As we mentioned earlier, buying a mattress online may seem like the easier choice initially, but most of the time it ends up being a messy ordeal. By making the trip to a mattress store, you will receive many benefits that you wouldn’t have gotten online. One of them is that if for some reason you do take your mattress home and end up being unsatisfied then making the return will be a lot easier than had you purchased it online. A lot of times it is even cheaper too!

Assistance while shopping

When it comes to buying a new mattress any advice you could get would be helpful. Another thing you will miss out on when you buy a mattress online is the personal assistance while shopping. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but when you start to see how many different mattresses are out there, it may become overwhelming to decide which one is right for you. At a brick and mortar store, you will have plenty of assistance in making the right decision that is best for you!



Customer Service

On average, in-person mattress stores have higher customer service ratings. So, if you do need to make an exchange, get a refund, or perhaps change your delivery time then you are more likely to receive better care from an in-store retailer rather than had you purchased your new bed online. Increased customer service is a benefit we can all take advantage of before, during, and after the buying experience. The majority of brick and mortar mattress stores are more concerned with their reputation and are less likely to want to let you down as a customer.

Keep in mind that these are not the only benefits when it comes to mattress shopping in-person, as these are just a few of the things to consider if or when you are in the market for a new mattress. All things considered, there are many things that could go wrong if you purchase a bed online. So, why not cut out the added worry and purchase your new bed from a mattress store in person? It will only help to ensure that you are satisfied with the product with as little worry as possible, because in today's modern world who needs the extra stress, especially when it may already feel like there is not enough time for a full night's rest. 

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