Why The Family Bed is the Best Oversized Bed in America!



It’s more than a family-size mattress. It’s the biggest bed by far. It’s made right here in Texas, and all our customers with families rave about it. Let’s take a closer look at the Family Bed to see why so many people love it.


The Family Bed Is the Biggest Bed By Far

Alaskan King, Wyoming King, and all the rest of the wannabe-king size beds simply can’t measure up to The Family Bed by Taylor & Wells. See for yourself below. The Family Bed is by far bigger, and The Family Bed XL is even bigger at a full 12 feet wide! 




No Math Required

The Family Bed 10 Mattress is 120 inches wide(That’s 10 feet wide.) and 80 inches long. 

The Family Bed XL 12 Mattress is 144 inches wide(That’s 12 feet wide.) and 84 inches long. (Fun fact: The Vatican is considered the world’s smallest country at only 0.17 square miles. How many Family Beds would it take to cover it?)

The California King Mattress is 72 inches wide and 84 inches long. (How did the California King get so famous? It can’t be the size. Maybe Hollywood?)

The Wyoming King Mattress is 84 inches wide and 84 inches long. (I’m not sure, but there are so few people in Wyoming they might all fit on The Family Bed XL.)

The Texan King Mattress is 98 inches wide is 80 inches long. (That’s big but nowhere near as big as The Family Bed.)

The Alaskan King Mattress is 108 inches wide and 108 inches long. (The Family Bed size is a full foot wider, and it doesn’t even come close to The Family Bed XL.)

The Family That Plays Together Stays Together



Quality time together as a family is more difficult than ever before, and yet, research shows time deficits with children can cause problems for parents and kids alike. With The Family Bed, there’s plenty of room for safe infant sleeping. In fact, there’s room enough for everyone, including your furry friends.

There’s nothing more comforting than sleeping together or room sharing. And there’s nothing more fun than weekend mornings, watching together during movie nights, and playing board games or charades. Some of our customers even declare their family bed as a No-Phone-Zone. 

If you haven’t seen a bed that’s 12 feet wide, it’s difficult to imagine how much fun it inspires. You can read it on the faces of people who walk into one of our showrooms and see The Family Bed for the first time. There’s a twinkle in the eye and a smile as wide as a kid in a candy store. And that’s from parents. All the kids want to do is take a swan dive right into the middle of it. 


We Make Your Family Bed In Fort Worth, Texas

As Americans, we’re lucky to have some of the highest safety and quality standards in the world. And since we make all of our Family Beds in our own factory in Fort Worth, Texas, you don’t need to worry about your bed coming from someplace halfway around the world, let alone, wonder what it’s made of. You can even choose between bed frames and adjustable bases!


Four Versions To Choose From – 2 Options and 2 Sizes 12 Feet Wide and 10 Feet Wide



The Original Family Bed  

This is the memory foam mattress that started it all. Whether you choose the 10-foot wide Family Bed or the 12-foot wide Family Bed XL, you can expect extreme comfort for the entire family. Each bed is made with a unique combination of cooling gel memory foam, breathable convoluted foam, and high-density support foam.

All three foams meet the requirement to be a CertiPur-Us Certified Foam, so you can count on them for completely safe and durable performance that will keep you cool and refreshed. Each mattress is covered with luxury stretch knit fabrics that are washable, including organic cotton. And yes, they’re much bigger than your regular king-size cover, but we’ve designed them to slip on and off easily. Of course, each mattress comes with our award-winning customer service and a 10-year warranty. 



The Hybrid Family Bed

When you already make the best mattress, the only thing left to do is to make it even better with Hybrid Technology. We’ve added individually encased coils to provide motion isolation and best-in-class support. Elite Quantum Edge Support has been recognized as a game changer, and it has been added to the Hybrid.

Quantum Edge Support technology provides a firmer edge than a regular foam mattress and less of the “rolling-off” sensation that some people experience. Like the Original, the Hybrid Family Bed includes luxury stretch knit fabrics, an easily removable and washable cover, CertiPur-Us Certified Foams, and of course, our 10-year warranty. 



Don’t Be Fooled By The Imitators

The Taylor & Wells Family Bed is so popular substandard copycats are coming out of the woodwork. Insist on the Taylor & Wells Family Bed available only from The Bedding Mart


Here’s a checklist to help you remember why:

1. Made In the USA – Forth Worth, Texas. 

When it comes to the copycats, your guess is as good as ours.

2. 10-Year Warranty – Review how we protect you here.

With a custom-size mattress of this size, warranties like a good night sleep are scarce. 


3. Easy to Set Up And Move – We’ve designed the mattress to be set up in minutes with two people. If and when you want to move or just move your mattress to a different room, the mattress can be broken down into 5 easy to handle pieces. 


4. Free Shipping – No fuss. No muss. The mattress arrives in 3 separate boxes that are easy to carry around. Some imitations are priced to sell, but the shipping can set you back more than $1000.


5. 75 Years Of Combined Experience – Our passion for quality and helping our customers has taught us many valuable lessons we build into each of our mattresses. 




According to Our Customers

When you buy a Family Bed by Taylor & Wells, you get more than a family XL mattress. Take a look at what our customers tell us.


Big Mattress, Works Perfect

I think we have the best mattress on the block now; lots of jealousy, and we look rich! Neighbors keep bringing it up when we see them because they saw the delivery! 

Maye L. 



I hope this bed lasts forever; it’s incredible to have more than a slice of edge from the lady taking up the WHOLE BED, haha



Came with sheets!

Huge awesome bed came with free sheets. They also had comforters, super dope!

Bolton Y.


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