From Chaos to Comfort: How The Family Bed Transformed Our Sleep


Bed-sharing among family members has been a centuries-old practice driven by economic necessity, cultural traditions, and practicality. Ancient cultures valued communal sleeping as a way to foster closeness and strengthen bonds within families. Living and sleeping in close quarters brought families together both literally and figuratively. 

During the medieval period, cramped living conditions made bed-sharing more of a necessity. Entire families, including servants, slept in the same room on beds or raised pallets. As living standards improved in the 18th and 19th centuries, individualized sleeping arrangements started to emerge, and this gave birth to the “master bedroom” concept.

In the 20th century, home builders accommodated the trend of individualized sleeping with multiple bedrooms for a single family. In some ways, a separate bedroom for each family member became a symbol of wealth. Ever since, society has continued to progress.  


What Cell Phones and Separate Bedrooms Have In Common

How many times do you see families sitting together at a restaurant with almost everyone focused on their own cell phones? Unfortunately, this is a reality we can all relate to in modern times.   

Initially, cell phones were meant to keep people connected, and yet today, the more cell phones a family has, the harder it is to really be together. Like separate bedrooms, being able to afford a cell phone for each person in the family became a symbol of wealth. Hooray for progress – I guess. 




The Need For Families To Stay Together

Spending time together as a family strengthens bonds, fosters a sense of belonging, and creates cherished memories. It encourages open communication, allowing family members to share experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Engaging in shared activities nurtures teamwork, problem-solving skills, and a supportive environment.

Family time also contributes to children's emotional well-being, self-esteem, and resilience, as they feel loved and secure. Moreover, it allows parents to serve as role models, instilling positive values and habits in their children. Ultimately, quality family time fosters a strong foundation for healthy, happy, and successful individuals in the long run.


We Can Never Go Back . . . But

Want to start a family argument? Try suggesting cutting down on cell phone use. It’s impossible to go back to having just one phone for the family, just like it’s going to be impossible to go back to one bedroom. 

The good news is, there is a way to spend quality time together as a family. Introducing the concept of Co-Sleeping and The Family Bed by Taylor & Wells! 




The co-sleeping trend emerged years ago as families sought ways to spend more time together. Often, the whole family would cram into the largest bed to watch tv, hang out in the mornings, and even try to sleep together. The standard king-size mattress wasn’t big enough anymore, and as the need for bigger beds grew, so did the mattresses. Some companies rushed to create larger mattresses, and the results were mixed at best. 

Eventually, the bedding industry produced a series of oversized mattresses, such as the California King, Texas King and Wyoming King. Each of these claimed to be the largest when they came out. Among them was the Alaskan King Bed, and at nine feet wide, it was, for a hot minute, the largest available commercial bed in the United States. 


The Family Bed and The 12 Foot Family Bed XL

Here’s why The Family Bed by Taylor & Wells is the best-oversized bed in America. Let’s start with size. The Family Bed is a full ten feet wide, and it’s the biggest mattress of its kind – except for The Family Bed XL, which comes in at a gigantic 12 feet wide!




Made Right Here In Texas

As Americans, we’re lucky to have some of the highest safety and quality standards in the world. And since we make all of our Family Beds in our own factory in Fort Worth, Texas, you don’t need to worry about your bed coming from someplace halfway around the world, or even what it’s made of.  


Hybrid Or Memory Foam – Take Your Pick

The Original Family Bed - Whether you prefer the ten-foot wide version or the twelve-foot wide version, you can expect extreme comfort for the entire family. Each bed is made with a unique combination of cooling gel memory foam, breathable convoluted foam, and high-density support foam. All three foams meet the requirement to be a CertiPur-Us Certified Foam, so you can count on them for completely safe and durable performance that will keep you cool and refreshed.

Each mattress is covered with luxury stretch knit fabrics that are washable, including organic cotton. And yes, they’re much bigger than your regular king-size cover, but we’ve designed them to slip on and off easily. Of course, each mattress comes with our award-winning customer service and a 10-year warranty. 


The Hybrid Family Bed

If you have what is already the best-oversized mattress available, the only thing left to do is to make it even better with hybrid technology. We’ve added individual fabric-encased coils to provide motion isolation and best-in-class firm mattress support.

Elite Quantum Edge Support has been recognized as a game changer, and it has been added to the Hybrid. Quantum edge support technology provides a firmer edge than a regular foam mattress and less of the “rolling-off” sensation that some people experience. Like the Original, the Hybrid Family Bed includes luxury stretch knit fabrics, an easily removable and washable cover, CertiPur-Us Certified Foams, and of course, our 10-year warranty. 




Bed Sheets For a Big Mattress

If you want to fall asleep fast and get a good night’s sleep on an oversized mattress, you’re going to need the right kind of bedding, and that’s why we’ve made the best bed sheets easy to find. Take a moment to look around; we have comforters, mattress covers, and even adjustable bases, all made to fit a family-size bed. 


Families Stay Together When They Play Together

Evidence-based research has confirmed this, and many of us know this instinctively. The more families play together, the more they stay together. The trouble is that sometimes, technology and trends get in the way. Here are just a few ways The Family Bed can help you build a strong family bond.

1. Family movie night: Snuggle up together and watch your favorite films, creating a cozy home theater experience.

2. Board game bonanza: Spread out an assortment of board games and spend hours enjoying friendly competition. Even video games, when you play them together as a family, can strengthen bonds, according to some research.




3. Indoor picnic: Lay out a blanket, pack a basket of snacks, and enjoy an indoor family picnic without the bugs. Don’t forget to invite the furry family members and even the stuffed animals. 

4. Storytelling sessions: Share stories or take turns reading aloud from a favorite book, creating cherished family memories.

5. Stargazing: Turn off the lights, add glow-in-the-dark stars to the ceiling, and learn about constellations together.

6. Family sleepover: Spend the night together in the oversized bed, sharing stories, telling jokes, and making memories.

7. Themed Pajama party: Dress up in your favorite PJs and enjoy a night of giggles, games, and late-night snacks.



The Benefits Of Co-Sleeping With Your Baby

According to the University of California, Berkeley, co-sleeping has several benefits for both you and your baby. Infant care is always an important concern, and some risk factors have been discussed along with the many benefits.

Some believe comforting a crying infant and sleeping with them is the way to go. While others believe “sleeping training” or letting your infant “cry it out” is better. Ultimately, every parent must make weigh their own pros and cons when it comes to this matter. 


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