10 Things You Can Do On A Massive Family Bed


Have you heard of the new Taylor & Wells Family Bed? Well, if you haven’t, you just might be missing out on the new latest trend. The Taylor & Wells Family Bed is the perfect for big families, or even for people who just have a lot of pets. The Family Bed is either 10 foot or 12 foot wide, with the smallest being 3 feet wider than a standard king size bed.




Aside from being bigger than your kid's Tempur-Pedic Twin mattress, or even the Serta iComfort queen mattress the parents sleep on, the Family Bed mattresses are incredibly comfortable as well. Both 10 and 12 foot sizes are available in either a gel memory foam, or a hybrid gel memory foam combining its cooling technology with coils and springs. But if the bigger size and comfortable materials weren’t enough to convince you, then here are 10 things you can do on a massive family bed.


Movie Night


For some families, the living room just doesn't offer enough space for the entire family to cuddle up and watch a movie together. There are only so many spots on the couch, and what happens when someone accidentally gets left out because there isn’t enough room for them to squeeze in on the couch. With the family bed, that is no longer a problem!



Arts and Crafts


Sometimes finding enough table space for everyone to do the arts and crafts at the same time can be difficult. The family bed offers more than enough space for everyone to have their own creative area. Depending on the craft, you may want to lay down a protective lining so as to not mess up the bed. But for other more simple projects, go at it!


Family Nap Time


Nap time can be a difficult experience for some, especially when you need one yourself, or if you have several young kiddos that desperately need a nap. Having a family bed can make naptime much easier, as you can lay your kids down all in the same place, at the same time, all while having plenty of room for yourself as well! The Family Bed can help make nap time a breeze as you no longer have to go back and forth between sleeping areas.


Sleep With Pets


Even if you never really got around to having children because you somehow ended up raising 6 dogs (or cats) instead, then the Family Bed might still be the perfect option for you. Anyone who has ever had a pet knows what a big part of the family fur babies can be. People have shared their beds with pets in some cultures, for centuries. Sharing a bed with your pet can help reduce your anxiety and bring feelings of safety and security. So having a bed that you can all sleep in, will only bring you that much closer together, making sure that no one gets left out.






Perhaps you have a couple kiddos that like to play rough or they have a tendency to get a little rambunctious - we all know how much energy little kids can have. Or maybe even you like to join in the fun and join in on their play fight wrestling matches. The great thing about the family bed is that it offers a lot of space, not to mention, it's also padded. With the family bed, you can safely take play time to the mattress and wrestle around with your kiddos.


Practice Gymnastics


Do you have a budding gymnast in the family who always wants to practice outside of the gym but you are afraid they will get hurt? Well, with the family bed, worry not! There is plenty of room for them to try out their new tricks, all while on top of a safe, padded area. This makes the Family Bed a great place to practice as there is a ton of space for them to tumble! Of course, you may still want to supervise them to make sure that they are not going to get hurt.


Practice Breakdancing


Does someone in the family have some sweet moves? Maybe that person is even you? The family bed is a great place to practice breakdancing as it offers some much needed cushion when you are trying to learn new moves or poses. From beginner to expert, every break dancer can surely benefit from having a family bed to practice in. You can even throw some cardboard on top to make it a better surface to spin around on. Oh, and did we mention… It’s huge!


Co-Sleep With Family


Even if you have nap time already figured out, the Family Bed is a great place to start co-sleeping with your family. Or maybe you already do and are finding that you are running out of space. Every co-sleeper knows the many added benefits that come from sleeping as a family, such as children tend to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer. What could you do with even one extra hour of sleep on the weekends? Research also shows that co-sleeping as a family allows children to make deeper personal connections with people.




Catch Up As A Family


The Family Bed offers enough space for everyone to get together and share with each other important things about their day. Having a place that is big enough for everyone to come together and talk about their day as a family will only help bring you all closer. And who knows, seeing as how the Taylor & Wells Family bed offers extreme comfortability, they may just never want to leave once they get in!


Eat Dinner


Even if everyone is too busy to meet as a family to share with each other about how their days went, everyone most certainly has time to share a meal at least once during the day. For some families it can be difficult to find enough space, the family bed is surely big enough for everyone to eat together. Even if it's just 20, 30, or 40 minutes, being able to spend that amount of time with everyone in the same place will be a blessing of its own!



If you are wanting to get more information on the Family Bed, we are always here to help! The Bedding Mart is a family-owned company that knows the importance of spending some good quality time with your loved ones! Let us help you find the right mattress today! 



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