The Pros & Cons of New Latex Mattresses



Even if you considered a latex mattress a few years ago, so much has changed, it’s a good time to look again. You don’t want to miss out on what some believe is the best type of mattress on the market. There are new forms, new technologies and new advantages of latex mattresses perfectly suited to your needs.

Can you guess how long the latex mattress has been around? The good old 1950s? The wild and crazy 1960s? The first ever latex mattress was invented in 1829 by John Boyd Dunlop a Scotsman, and it was enjoyed by the British royal family. What a pleasure that must have been while the rest of us were probably sleeping on a mattress stuffed with corn cobs or broken crockery!


Pain Relief

Feeling comfortable is essential to a good night’s sleep. Latex mattresses provide a degree of buoyancy and support that feels natural whether you’re a stomach sleeper or side sleeper. With latex, both the heavier and lighter parts of your body are supported so that pressure relief is felt throughout. No one can guarantee a pain free night but a supple and supportive latex mattress is probably your best shot at it.




Anatomically Conforms

Different body parts require different support. Shoulders, elbows and hips concentrate weight and pressure. Although all mattresses are designed to “give” under weight, a latex bed actually conforms around your body and cradles your weight in a way other mattresses do not.  The advantage of even-weight distribution promotes normal blood circulation throughout your body. In the morning, you wake up rested and refreshed.


Naturally Clean

We spend almost a third of our lives in bed. A heathy environment is essential. One of the best advantages of a latex mattress is that latex is itself, anti-bacterial, germ free, fungus free and most of all, resistant to dust mites. Many people know dust mites are a common cause of irritation and allergic reactions. Even though it’s difficult to see with the naked eye, the droppings from dust mites can accumulate at an alarming rate over the life of a regular mattress.


Natural Materials

The best latex foams are made from 100% natural latex which is harvested from the rubber tree. Some brands offer organic latex mattresses as well as natural latex mattresses. If you’re the kind of person who prefers natural materials, you can even add an organic cotton cover to your mattress. Just knowing you’re doing as much as you can for your health and the environment can help you sleep belter at night.




Long Lasting

Latex mattresses retain their shape and support capabilities for a very long time. This is because natural latex remains durable and resilient even through years of use. Memory foam mattress often degrade with sags and dips even after just a few years. According to  Global Organic Latex Standards, a latex mattress can retain its key advantages for up to 20 years.


Firmness Options

One of the best attributes of a latex mattress is the sheer number of firmness options available. With a latex or latex hybrid mattress, the configuration, the different layers, and the different densities can be combined to give you the exact firmness you need for a wonderful night’s sleep. Give yourself enough time to explore the firmness that works best for you.


Say No to Night Sweats

Don’t we all wish! Realistically, there are several reasons why night sweating occurs. Some of them are medical. And sometimes, the reasons differ between men and women. Experts agree, keeping your bedroom cool at night promotes good sleep.

Today’s latex mattresses are designed with cooling technologies. One of the most effective ways a latex mattress keeps you cool is the tens of thousands of perforations. These perforations promote air flow and every time you move, the flow of fresh, cool air increases. Extra heat and humidity are naturally drawn away from your body while you sleep.




Less Motion Transfer

Sleeping in the same bed as your loved one is one of this world’s best joys. Being awoken by them moving around is not. Even if you’re not awakened completely, having your sleep disturbed by motion transfer can make it a long, exhausting night. There’s no point in waking up tired and upset. It’s not you. It’s not the other person. It’s your mattress. 

The elastic and resilient properties of latex naturally isolate motion. One simple question you can ask yourself is this: do you or your partner wake up when the other person rolls over or gets out of bed? If so, it’s time to go latex.

Environmentally Friendly

All natural latex comes from the common rubber tree. It is a renewable resource. When you’re all finished with your latex mattress, it will break down back into the environment because it’s a natural and biodegradable element.

Latex Mattress Weight

Even with all its advantages, a latex mattress has one drawback – it does weigh more than a regular mattress. Then again, there’s no need to flip the latex mattress as often as you rotate your tires the way you do when you buy a regular mattress. Still, depending on the mattress size you choose, weight can be a consideration. Here’s some information to help you learn more about latex mattress weight.


Additional Shopping Tips




When you’re shopping for a latex mattress, some additional information can help. Here you go: All latex can be considered rubber, but not all rubber is considered latex.

For example, NR stands for natural rubber, and it’s made of all natural latex from the rubber tree. In its natural state, latex is a milky, white liquid that’s sticky. The rubber tree releases the latex as a way to protect itself from pests and heal any damage to its bark.  

SBR (styrene butadiene rubber) has many of the same characteristics as natural rubber, but it’s made with different ingredients. Often this is referred to as synthetic latex or blended latex.


Dunlop Process vs Talalay Process. Different latex mattress brands prefer one process over the other. The Dunlop process was the original method developed in 1829. Talalay is a relatively more recent method.


A latex mattress can cost more than a regular mattress. It all depends if you believe more comfort is worth more money. One good thing to keep in mind when you’re weighing your options between mattresses is this – there is no box spring necessary with a latex mattress.


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