Should You Join the Family Bed Movement?


One of the battles in the “mommy wars” is where babies and children should sleep. Some parents believe the crib is the best place for safety, privacy, and independence reasons, whereas others propose that co-sleeping – or more particularly, bed sharing – is better due to bonding and convenience. Another term for the support of co-sleeping is the family bed movement.

Why the Movement?

The purpose of this movement is to encourage families to sleep together in the same bed. It generally only applies to babies and young children, though some families with children of all ages may still enjoy the practice. It’s not new to humankind. Our ancestors used to all sleep together for warmth and protection, as well as due to lack of space or money for individual rooms and beds.

The Family That Dozes Together Grows Together

Sharing a bed may sound unappealing to some, but it actually comes with many benefits. These include:

  • Reduced risk of SIDS in babies
  • Easier nighttime breastfeeding
  • Better rest and health for children
  • Peace of mind for parents
  • Increased family connection
  • Long-term emotional health for children, such as less anxiety and higher independence

Some pediatricians advise against bed sharing, but others support the practice if done safely. Only mothers should sleep with infants because they have a higher sensitivity to their babies’ movements and cries. Waterbeds and couches are not safe locations for sleeping with little ones. Excess pillows should be removed for safety, and the temperature should be comfortable for all, remembering that close bodies generate and transfer heat.

How To Make It Work

Currently, the most common ways families share sleeping quarters is through cramming into a traditional-sized bed, using bedside co-sleepers and cribs, or putting mattresses and sleeping bags on the floor next to the master bed.

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