The Science of Hybrid Mattresses: Why The Family Bed Offers the Best of Both Worlds


Finding the right mattress for the family can be challenging because everyone may have unique sleeping preferences. A hybrid mattress solves this problem being a modern innovation that blends the best characteristics of two mattress types: innerspring and memory foam. 

The hybrid design offers unrivaled support, comfort, and sturdiness, making it suitable for families. Read on to explore the science behind hybrid mattresses and what makes the family bed preferable for a sound night's sleep.

What is a Hybrid Mattress?

A hybrid mattress combines the features of the innerspring mattress and a memory foam mattress. It typically features a core of innerspring coils for support and memory foam or latex at the top for comfort. 

The combination provides the support and bounce of traditional innerspring mattresses while providing memory foam's natural contour and pressure relief.


Hybrid Mattress vs Memory Foam

The primary difference between a memory foam mattress and the hybrid model is the support core. A memory mattress usually has a high-density polyfoam core, but a hybrid uses a coil system.

A polyfoam core excels in motion isolation, while a coil system scores higher marks for edge support, breathability, and bounce. Which mattress type would be great for your family’s sleeping preferences? I’d go for the hybrid model, too!

Let’s examine the hybrid mattress further:

Components of a Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress consists of:

Innerspring Coils

The coils provide foundational support and structure for the mattress. Hybrid mattresses usually use pocketed coils to distribute pressure and prevent partner disturbance

Their design offers a firm and durable structure, allowing the mattress to retain its firmness and shape over time.

Comfort Layers

The layers sit on the coils, providing pressure relief, cushioning, and conformity to your body shape. The comfort layers usually comprise memory foam, latex, polyfoam, micro-coils, or a combination of these four. 

The hybrid mattress manufacturer determines the type of comfort layers to use. Depending on the hybrid type, a cooling gel can be infused into latex or memory foam to help slow down body temperature on the mattress.

Transition Layers

A transition layer is usually between the firmer support core and the softer comfort layer. This layer provides a padded buffer for stability and support to your body. Most transition layers contain materials similar to comfort layers, such as polyfoam.

Additional Layers (Optional)

In addition to the above components, a hybrid mattress may also contain these layers:


The exterior cover encases the whole mattress and protects the inner components. It’s made of fabrics like cotton, polyester, or a synthetic combination.

Edge Support

Particular hybrid mattresses contain reinforced edges or extra foam on the perimeter for additional edge support. This support prevents sagging and offers more support when you sit or get in and out of bed.

These additional components might be sold separately but are still essential in enhancing your mattresses’ functionality.

Benefits of Hybrid Mattresses

Here are some of the reasons people prefer hybrid mattresses:

Superior Comfort 

The innerspring coils and memory foam in these mattresses provide superior comfort. While the coils offer a supportive base, the memory foam layers conform to the body, removing pressure points and alleviating potential pains. This design works well for side sleepers who may need additional cushioning for their hips and shoulders.


Enhanced Support and Bounce

These mattresses are famed for their unique support. The innerspring coils provide immense support, maintaining the mattress's structure so it doesn't sag. They also make the bed bouncy for added comfort.

As a result, you sleep with an aligned spine, minimizing back pain. Every family member can enjoy a comfortable sleep, whether stomach sleepers, side sleepers, or back sleepers.

Motion Isolation

A unique feature of hybrid mattresses is the ability to isolate motion. The memory foam layers absorb movement so it doesn't spread across the bed. This feature is essential for families with multiple sleepers or pets. If one person tosses and turns, the others will feel undisturbed, ensuring a restful night for everyone.


Hybrid mattresses can last for eight to ten years. Combining strong coils and high-quality foam ensures the mattress maintains shape and performance. This longevity makes hybrid mattresses an intelligent investment for families looking for a long-lasting sleep solution.


Temperature regulation is another critical benefit of hybrid mattresses. The innerspring coils allow for better airflow than all-foam mattresses, helping dissipate heat. Many hybrid mattresses also incorporate cooling gel layers that bolster breathability and keep you cool at night.

Why The Family Bed Stands Out

Other than having a vast mattress size that enhances co-sleeping, here are the different benefits associated with the family bed

It Caters to Diverse Sleeping Preferences

One of the biggest challenges for families is accommodating diverse sleeping preferences. The family bed's hybrid design provides a versatile sleep surface that caters to different needs. 

The innerspring coils provide firm support for those who prefer a sturdier feel, while the memory foam layers offer solid comfort for those who enjoy a softer sleep surface. This balance makes the family bed great for families with diverse sleeping preferences.

Everyone Can Finally Sleep

Motion isolation and support become critical when sharing a bed with multiple people or pets. The Family Bed's hybrid construction excels in these areas, ensuring minimal movement and maximum support. This means fewer disturbances and a better night's sleep for everyone.

Reduced Body Pains

The family bed mattress supports spinal alignment and alleviates pressure points. The design significantly reduces aches and pains, making it ideal for people with chronic pain or discomfort. 

The comfort of foam layers combined with the support of innerspring coils provides a balanced surface, ensuring the body is properly supported and minimizes lower back, hip, shoulder, and neck pain.

Super Customizable

The family bed offers various customizable options to enhance comfort and convenience, including adjustable bases, bed frames, and mattress protectors. 

Adjustable bases enhance head or foot elevation, providing personalized comfort and relief from certain conditions, such as acid reflux or snoring. 

A bed frame elevates the mattress to a comfortable height, making it easy for people to get into bed. 

A mattress protector adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring your mattress stays clean.


High-Quality Construction

Quality is paramount for mattresses, and the family bed does not disappoint. Constructed with high-quality materials, it ensures durability and longevity. Investing in a high-quality hybrid mattress will improve your sleep and prevent the need for frequent replacements, saving you money in the long run.

Wrapping Up

The Family Bed's hybrid mattress design offers a dual benefit: the support and durability of innerspring coils combined with memory foam's comfort and pressure relief. Whether your family consists of teens, youngsters, or babies, the family bed is big enough to accommodate everyone's sleeping preferences. 

Check out the different sizes of the family bed at the Bedding Mart to find the ideal one for your family. If you have any inquiries, call our customer service at 1-888-543-5152 or email them at

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