Which Mattress Is Best For You?


You spend a lot of time sleeping, and when you’re ready to lay your head down for the night, it’s best that you do so on a mattress that’s as comfortable as possible. To that end, Bedding Mart is here to offer a useful shopping guide for mattresses to ensure that you enjoy the best quality of sleep possible no matter your specific desires.

Focus on the Three Types

To help you narrow down your options, you should know that whenever you go to a mattress store, there are mattresses of three different types, including:

  • Adjustable air, which is a good option if you like the idea of inflating your mattress to the perfect level of firmness.
  • Foam, which is ideal for sleepers with joint or back pain and need something that contours to their body.
  • Innerspring, the most traditional selection that contains steel coils and might have infused gel, layers of cushioning and a pillow top layer, depending on the brand.

Decide which you like sound and feel of most and go from there.

Additional Tips to Bear in Mind While Shopping

There are also a few suggestions we recommend you keep in mind as you narrow down your choices. For instance, do yourself a favor and lay on the mattress to see for yourself just how comfortable it is. While you might feel a bit silly doing this, it’s the only way you’ll know for sure that you’ve found a good match. Also, check the return policy of the selection you’re considering to see how easy (or difficult) it might be should you decide to make a return.

Learn More Before Buying Your Next Mattress

Before you spend a substantial amount of money on your next mattress, be sure you’re getting just what you need. Get in touch with us here at Bedding Mart to learn more about mattresses by calling 1-888-543-5125. Let us help you experience the best sleep of your life.

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  • Kevin Spencer