How to Keep Your Mattress in Great Shape


The majority of us know what it feels like to go mattress shopping, all in the hopes of finding the perfect replacement for that tired, dirty old bed you have been sleeping on. I mean, why go through all that effort and spend that much money on a new mattress just to end up not enjoying it, especially considering that you’ll be sleeping on it every night? What happens if you really enjoy your new bed, but you forgot how to keep your mattress in great shape?


Sometimes, finding that perfect match is easy, usually for the less picky sleeper, and other times it can be a real pain in the back to try and find that perfect fit. Either way, surely there must be a better way to keep your new mattress in good shape for longer, right? Well, thankfully, there is!




Here are 10 tips to keep your new mattress in great shape, hopefully for many years to come.


  • Use a Mattress Protector from the Beginning- While adding a mattress protector may seem like an extra expense when buying your new mattress, it really is meant to preserve it for the long term. Using this simple layer of protection from the beginning will help to ensure that the mattress is protected from things like stains, pet hair, and dust.


  • Proper Support for the Mattress- When buying a new mattress it may be a good idea to update your box spring as well. Certain types of mattress require different types of support, such as a mattress foundation. For instance, box springs are usually only meant for spring mattresses. Speak with a sales associate when buying your new mattress or check with the manufacturer to see what their recommendations are to be sure that your new mattress will be properly supported.


  • Change Sheets Regularly- While this may just seem like common sense for some in terms of hygiene, changing (or washing) your bed linens often also helps to add years to the lifespan of your mattress as well. We shed things like skin, hair, sweat and oils when we sleep. All of this collects on your sheets and seeps down into the mattress, when you wash your sheets regularly, you help protect the damage that can be caused.


  • Rotate Your Mattress Often- Every type of mattress can benefit from being flipped and rotated often, regardless of the type and material. Rotating the mattress helps to even out the wear that is caused by sleeping on it every night, while not rotating it leads to depressions and softening of materials. Every few months, flip that mattress over and rotate it 180 degrees from head to foot. This is even more important for the first few years as you are breaking the mattress in.


  • Follow Manufacturer Cleaning Instructions- Cleaning your mattress on a regular basis will help keep your sleep environment clean and your new mattress healthy. The majority of mattresses will also have a set of manufacturer instructions for general cleaning and stain removal. Stains can always be spot treated with a mild mixture of soapy water, but be sure to allow the mattress to dry before making the bed again. A simple vacuum over the top will help to eliminate things like dust and skin cells.




  • Let the Light in- The simple act of opening the windows and letting some natural light in is a great way to keep your mattress lasting longer. Opening the window and stripping the linens off, while letting it get some fresh air on a sunny day, not only helps to reduce the number of dust mites but helps to dry out any moisture or humidity that may be lingering inside the mattress.


  • No Jumping on the Bed- Although it may be hard to say no to your little ones when they start jumping on the bed, it will only be destructive to your mattress and its foundation. Jumping on the bed causes damage to not only that mattress but the foundation as well. Ushering your kids off the bed when they start to jump on it will only help keep your mattress in much better shape.


  • Buy Dogs and Cats Their Own Pet Bed- Perhaps, even more difficult than getting your kids to stop jumping on the bed, is to get your furry friend to stop sleeping on it as well. One cannot deny the benefits of letting your furry babies sleep in bed with you. But, sleeping with your pets increases the chance that mites, dust, pollen, and other things your pet might be carrying around, will make their way into your new mattress. A simple way to keep your mattress nicer for longer is by buying your pet their own bed, as hard as it may be!




  • Use a Bed Skirt- Who knew that bed skirts weren’t only just for looks? It is true that they help to add a splash of color, or tie everything in with the rest of the decor, but they serve another purpose as well. They help to keep dust and other particles from getting underneath the bed where they can collect and get inside that mattress. Using a bed skirt is a simple, and decorative, way of helping to protect your new mattress.


  • Take Care When Moving Your Mattress- Moving days can be tough, but taking simple steps to make sure your mattress is properly protected during the move can keep that mattress safe while furniture and boxes are being thrown around inside a truck. Most moving companies sell heavy duty mattress bags to help keep your mattress safe from rain, dust, scuffs, and scratches. It is also highly encouraged not to use the handles that are built into the mattress, as these are known to tear and cause damage.


These are just a few tips and tricks to help keep your new mattress in great shape! Every day should start out with a great night's sleep! If the mattress you are sleeping on now seems to be making it difficult, then we can help you find a new one! The Bedding Mart has a wide range of selections offered in-store, or online and we have many mattress specialists available to help you find the perfect fit!


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