10 Most Amazing Bed Frames


It's that time of year again where everybody has to start planning on the holidays and thinking about the gifts that they are going to be getting for all of their loved ones. While the gift of giving is sure to bring tons of joy and heartwarming moments, who ever said that you wouldn't treat yourself to a little something as well? That is perhaps one of the reasons why the fall and winter holiday season is one of the most popular times of the year for people to go mattress shopping. So, if you happen to be in the market for a new mattress, whether you are shopping for yourself or a loved one, check out this list of the most amazing bed frames to go along with your purchase!




1. Adjustable Bed Frame

Though adjustable bed frames have been around in hospitals for quite some time now, they have been quickly gaining in popularity in the last few decades. One of the reasons for their increased popularity are because of their reported health benefits such as relief from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder). Not only do they help with a wide array of medical disorders but they are also extremely useful for those who enjoy working, relaxing, or reading in bed.

2. Levitating Bed Frame

Levitating or floating bed frames have recently taken off in popularity. This type of bed frame is perfect for lovers of modern design. This bed frame connects to the wall and supports the bed with a single beam that is hidden from view, giving the illusion that bed is floating or levitating in space. The best part is, for those DIY lovers, there are tons of videos out there to help show you how to make your very own levitating bed!

3. Platform Bed Frame

Platform bed frames offer a more simplistic approach to the age-old box spring, metal frame, and mattress combination. A platform bed frame is basically any low-raised mattress support system that does not require the use of a box spring. Instead, you can lie your mattress directly on top of the slats or solid covering of the platform frame. One of the great things about these frames is that you are sure to find a style that will fit your individual taste because there are many different versions of them.

4. Poster Bed Frame

The four poster bed frame, which just so happens to also be number four on the list, is great for making a very classy and elegant statement in a room. These beds have four vertical columns, one in each corner, that extend upward from the base of the frame. Poster bed frames first became popular in the 16th century mainly for the use of royalty but, because of their elegant and stately vibe, they have remained a design staple and bedding classic ever since.

5. Canopy Bed Frame

Almost every little girl's fairytale dream (and just about every woman’s), is to own a canopy bed frame at least once in their life. Canopy bed frames are much like four poster beds with vertical columns on the corner of the bed frame that extend upward. These beds, however, have a connecting shaft that runs along the top of the vertical columns. From the connecting shaft, lavish drapery is often hung, adding even more to the royal feeling that these beds give off. These beds are great for drafty places or for people who easily get cold while they are sleeping. Canopy bed frames were first designed soon after the invention of the four poster bed to help cut back on the amount of cold air getting into the sleeping space.





6. Murphy Bed Frame

The murphy bed frame is every tiny-home owner's dream. These frames are a type of bed frame that rests on a support with a hinge attached. They are built into a niche that is either inside a cabinet or tucked inside the wall so that it can fold up and be tucked into that space for storage while it is not in use. These frames are not just great for the tiny home movement, but they are great for any room that doesn't really have a lot of space but still needs a good sized bed.

7. Storage Bed Frame

What is better than having an item that serves a dual purpose? Not only are there tons of different types of bed frames, but there are also many different ones that offer some much needed storage space underneath. Why not take advantage of all that wasted real estate when you could store your winter clothes or overgrown shoe collection? So, if that sounds like the thing for you, then keep your eye out because a lot of platform style bed frames will offer you exactly that!




8. Rocking Bed Frame

Have you ever wondered why babies seem to fall asleep so easily when they are being rocked back and forth? Or have you never slept as good as you did when you were a baby and wonder what it would feel like to be rocked back to sleep again? Well, wait no longer because now you can find out for yourself! Lucky for you, there are several different rocking bed frames that use a gently lulling motion to help rock you asleep.

9. Round Bed Frame

Round bed frames are super sleek and stylish. They are great for anyone who really wants to make their bed the centerpiece of the room. It is a common misconception that only specialty mattresses will work with round bed frames, but that certainly isn't true! While some round bed frames are designed specifically to work with a round mattress, others are designed to work with a standard rectangular mattress so that you don't have to worry about throwing your old one out just yet.

10. Hanging Bed Frame

Think of this as your bed on a swing. Sometimes called swinging beds or suspended beds, this bed frame would certainly seem like it is for the more daring type of person but they are actually reported to be rather soothing while falling asleep on them. Much like the rocking bed frame, the hanging frame works by gently swinging you to sleep.

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