A New Mattress is a Perfect Christmas Gift for Your Family



Buying a new mattress for Christmas might not be the first thing that pops into your mind around this time of year, but it should be. Can you think of any other gift that will be used for eight hours a day, year after year? How many "morning smiles" will a new bed give you from a good night's sleep? A new mattress really is the gift that keeps on giving. 


The Best Way to Watch Christmas Movie Classics

These days, family traditions are hard to keep. If you want to create a new and everlasting Christmas Family Tradition, watch your favorite Christmas movie on The Family Bed by Taylor & Wells.




This bed is ginormous, and your whole family, including your furry friends, will be able to bond while everyone enjoys a favorite Christmas movie like Home Alone, It's a Wonderful Life, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, or National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. In fact, The Family Bed is so big and comfortable that you might have to watch all of them in one go. 


Size Matters Christmas Morning

How much fun will everyone have unwrapping the biggest gift ever – a new mattress? How are you going to keep it a secret? Where are you going to hide it until Christmas morning? Under your bed?

Not if it's going to be The Family Bed! The Original Family Bed measures 120inches wide, 80inches tall, and 13inches deep. It's hard to believe, but The Family Bed XL is even bigger at 144inches wide, 84inches tall, and 13inches deep. That's a heck of a lot bigger than the twin mattress I grew up with. 


Christmas Gift Comparison

So what if you're not sure about a new mattress? What if you think something else would be better? Let's compare:

– Won't a treadmill be better? – Better than a refreshing night of sleep for years and years? Hmm, maybe. Everyone I know that bought a treadmill now uses it to hang clothes. The most ambitious of them hang workout clothes. 

– Isn't a health club membership more healthy? – Possibly. That is if you actually make it through the gym front doors instead of hanging out in the parking lot while you check your messages. 

– How about a new washer/dryer for your spouse? Yup, I'm sure your spouse will appreciate a new washer and dryer for Christmas more than something both of you can enjoy. Yup. 

– BBQ/Smoker for sure, right? Soooo, who exactly would want a new BBQ/Smoker? Your spouse? Your kids? Who again?




The Hottest Black Friday Deal

No, it's not a television or home decor, or personal care product. The hottest Black Friday Deal is a brand new mattress at The Bedding Mart. While everyone waits for after-Christmas sales or all the way to Presidents Day, the best prices and selections are available on Black Friday. Why wait when you can have your mattress way before Christmas and sleep well knowing you got the best deal without all of the runnings around?


Why Early Birds Get the Best Deals On Black Friday

Do you ever wonder how the Friday after Thanksgiving became known as Black Friday? Well, there are a few explanations.

The most popular one seems to be the financial panic and market collapse in 1869 on the Friday after Thanksgiving. After that, Black Friday referred to the fact that so many people called in sick after a little too much food and cheer on Thanksgiving. Once this spread across the country, it wasn't long before some ingenious shopkeepers came up with a way to get all those "sick for the day" people into their stores.

With nothing else to do on Friday, more and more of these people started shopping for Christmas. With so many people shopping on Friday, retailers started offering the very best deals early in the morning as a way to compete. Pretty soon, Black Friday shoppers started camping out to get ridiculously low-priced items. 


Holiday Season Buying Guide

When you're evaluating mattresses, it's like evaluating people; it's what's inside that counts. So when you're shopping for a new mattress, keep in mind the absolute best place to get one is from a company that makes their own mattresses.

The people there can tell you exactly how they make their mattresses. And they can answer all your questions about the quality of the materials and the type of construction. They don't just read about how the mattresses are made in a sales brochure; they know the names of the craftsmen and craftswomen who make the mattresses by hand. 

Don't forget about all the mattress accessories either! The Bedding Mart has some fantastic deals on mattress protectors, bed linens, pillows, blankets and adjustable bases all year round! 




Here is a quick overview of the types of mattresses that are popular today:

  1. Air Mattress –  Air mattresses consist of an air bladder that is inflated with an electric air pump. You can set your own firmness level by adjusting the amount of air you pump into the mattress. Much like a balloon, the more air you put in, the more firm it is. Some air mattresses use an air chamber on each half of the bed so that two people can adjust the firmness level separately. 
  2. Hybrid Mattress These mattresses use two or more materials. The most common are memory foam combined with innerspring construction. Latex foam and pocketed coils can also be combined to build a hybrid mattress. The intent is to be able to provide sleepers with a variety of softness and support. 
  3. Innerspring Mattress – This is a traditional form of construction. Metal coil springs of different firmness are positioned inside the mattress according to where the appropriate amount of support is required. These springs are generally made of metal, and the spring rates vary greatly. In some mattresses, these coils are individually pocketed to isolate motion.
  4. Memory Foam Mattress – Viscoelastic foam is a blend of polyurethane foam invented by Nasa to promote restful sleep for its astronauts. This material provides a unique feel that gently returns to its original shape. One of the best mattress features is its ability to isolate motion so that you don't wake up every time your partner moves. Tempur Pedic is one of the most popular brands of memory foam mattresses.
  5. Latex Foam MattressThis type of mattress shares several attributes with memory foam. The "spring back" feel of a latex mattress is different from a memory foam one. It's really a matter of preference.



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