Does Your Mattress Foundation Affect Sleep in Any Way?


With the holiday season quickly approaching, you may be looking for a new mattress to help you stay well rested during one of the busiest times of the year, or maybe you are just in the market for a new mattress as a present for yourself or a loved one. Whatever the case may be, we may be left wondering, with the replacement of my old mattress, should I be replacing the mattress foundation as well? Often overlooked as part of the buying experience, and considering that the quality of the mattress has a huge impact on the quality of sleep, that begs the question, does your mattress foundation affect sleep in any way?

The short answer is yes, bed foundations are important for many reasons, without proper support your mattress can be prone to sagging, leaving you waking up with aches and pains, even if you have a stellar new mattress. Sleep foundations typically are a combination of traditional box springs and metal bed frames, while newer options are available, foundations are extremely important not only to the mattress but for your sleep as well.


Why Mattress Foundations are Important

  • Improves Support- One of the reasons why a good mattress foundation is necessary for a good night’s sleep is because it improves support of the mattress. If you have a broken down box spring or bed frame, it is not going to support the full benefit of a good mattress and could leave you waking up feeling tired with aches and pains.
  • Increases the LifeSpan- Mattresses need love too, and after years of supporting our netflix binges, afternoon naps, and those long sought after deep night sleeps, it needs a proper base in order to keep doing its job. This is especially true for larger mattress sizes and memory foam mattresses as they are typically heavier options.
  • Adds Height to the Mattress- Getting out of bed is hard enough when the alarm goes off at 6 AM on a breezy January day, so why make it harder on yourself by doing squats first thing in the morning? Using a good bed frame and mattress foundation will keep you from having to put the mattress on the floor, making it easier to get out of bed.
  • Helps Keep Your Bed Clean- The floor is a dirty place, things like hair, dust, dead skin, insects, bed bugs, mites, and allergens (not to mention the things our furry friends bring along) find their way inside a mattress easier when it's closer to the floor. This is especially important for innerspring mattresses as there is more space inside for mites and bacteria to make it their home. Lifting the mattress up off the ground helps to keep it clean, adding even more longevity to the price tag. Knowing that your mattress is clean can definitely add to a better night's sleep.
  • Helps Increase AirFlow- If you find yourself waking up hot and sweaty, it may not be your mattress to blame. Breathable mattresses can only be breathable if they are placed on top of a breathable surface, putting your mattress on the floor will not allow air flow to go through. If you have a less breathable mattress like memory foam, a good foundation can help increase the airflow through it.
  • Stops Your Mattress From Sliding- We’ve all experienced a time when the mattress was slipping around underneath of us, one way or another, especially in those more intimate moments. By using a bed foundation that doesn't have any wheels, or wheels that lock into place, you can anchor your bed to the ground and stop it from sliding around.


Different Types of Sleep Foundations


While a bed foundation is necessary, a bed frame isn't always, as long as there is enough surface area to support the span and weight of you, your mattress and your bed springs. Keep in mind though, if you ditch the bed frame, you are missing out on a ton of storage space underneath, not to mention the added height it gives your mattress foundation. There are several different types of foundations to keep in mind, typically depending on the type of mattress you prefer.

  • Box Springs- Unfortunately, box springs are notorious for being easily broken and squeaky. Box springs are wooden boxes typically with metal springs inside and are designed to specifically pair with coil mattresses. These do not work well with other mattress types as the support is uneven throughout the base. In some cases, box springs can even void the warranty of specific mattress types.
  • Platform Slat Base- Platform base beds can be metal or wooden bed slats. These bases are easier to repair as you can replace a single slat at a time if they get broken. The offer great support to many mattress types and are easier to move around than the typical box spring. These can be used alone or with a box spring if more height is desired.
  • Bunkie Board- A bunkie board is a piece of material (typically plywood) that you set on top of other foundation types like bed slats or box springs. This is a great option if you have upgraded your bed and the foundation isn't the right type to support the new mattress, such as memory foam.
  • Solid Platform Bed Frame- This type of foundation will most likely provide the most support for any mattress type. These are similar to platform beds that have metal or wooden slats, but the foundation is solid. Often the most stylish of choices, but keep in mind this type of foundation can limit air flow.
  • Adjustable Base- These frames allow you to adjust the mattress into multiple positions. Making it a great choice for different sleeping positions. These types of foundations also offer additional health benefits by alleviating things like sleep apnea, acid reflux, and snoring.

Before selecting your new foundation for your bed, make sure to check the warranty and speak with your mattress provider. Speaking with a specialist will ensure that you are getting the right foundation to fit the needs of your specific mattress. All in all, any foundation is better than the floor!

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