Is It Alright To Do Work On a Bed?



Yes, it's definitely alright to work on a bed. But you already knew that. If -- and this is a big if you keep some essential things in mind working on a bed can be productive, healthy, and fun. Take a few moments to review some of the tips and cautions we've researched for you, and then you'll be all set to discover just how big a difference working from bed can make.



Start with a fresh mindset


Not too long ago, if you told someone you were working from home, they'd ask you if you were sick. And the only people who worked from bed were movie stars and writers. Times have changed. The last two years have brought significant changes in how we live our lives and where we work.




Although employees may have always been comfortable with working from home, it was the exact opposite for employers. Today, much of corporate America realize we can be just as productive, if not more so, without having to endure a grueling commute back and forth to work. As a result, the stigma attached to working from home and especially working on a mattress has faded away. 



Don't be left out


Even if your job means you leave the house every day, you can still enjoy more time in bed watching movies, checking emails, reading, and spending time online. And naturally, if you've got kids or kids of the furry kind, there's nothing better than some family time on a big, comfy bed. 



All pros with no cons?


At first, it may seem like a remote job, and spending a lot more time in bed is all good. Not so, at least not without some guidelines. A stiff neck, a backache, and worst of all, crumbs on your sheets can ruin your day. In addition, there are some physical and psychological effects to keep in mind. 




Important work-life balance


If you spend a whole day working in bed, how easy will it be to wind down from the stress of your job when it's time to go to sleep?

Work and rest need a dividing line. As human beings, we do better when there are natural separations between the different segments of our day. These separations also provide our psyche with much-needed cues for other behavior. Here's an example: ever try talking to your partner at home the way you might speak to a direct report or a partner at work? If so, you can probably see why this separation is crucial.



Tech neck


It's a real problem. We spend so much time on our smartphones, iPads, and laptops developing a painful hump on the back of the neck is very common. It may not seem like a big deal if you're a teenager but just wait a few years. Unfortunately, long term, this problem can become permanent.


Posture is more important now than it has ever been. And this is even more important if you're working on a mattress. 



How to tell if you already have tech neck and how to avoid developing it


Don't ignore the symptoms

- Chronic headache

- Soreness in the neck

- Numbness and tingling in the upper arms

- Pain in back, shoulders, arms, hands, fingers, wrists, and elbows 

- Change in posture

- Tightness and stiffness across the shoulders






Simple ways to prevent teck neck

- Hold your phone or device at eye level

- Take frequent pauses

- Set a timer to walk around without looking at your device

- Make sure you have an upright sitting position and hold your device directly in front of you

- Avoid looking down for extended periods

- Regularly do neck and shoulder stretches




How the right mattress can make a difference


Regardless of your body type or sleeping position, the right mattress can provide the comfort and support you need. This is even more important if you plan to work on a mattress. Here's how to decide on what's right for you and your own personal preferences.



Pick your position


Ideally, a fully adjustable bed frame that allows you to raise and lower both your upper torso and legs independently can give you an optimal position to sleep and work in bed. However, this might not be in the cards for everyone.

If your budget is a little too tight for this, you still have plenty of options. You can look for suitable pillows or foam wedges to place behind your back and under your knees, for starters. Even if you don't want an entirely new bed, you can still get an improved top mattress. 






Hot bedding choices that are worth every penny


Some believe all the new choices in mattresses around today are a little frivolous and just part of a passing trend. After all, none of us needed a fancy mattress back in the day, right?

But, of course, here are some other famous last words: Do we really need air conditioning? Why do we want an automatic washing machine if we already have one with a ringer? In my day, we used to walk to school uphill both ways. 



Memory foam mattresses

Initially developed to keep astronauts comfortable on space missions, memory foam mattress provides excellent support and long-lasting comfort.


Hybrid mattresses

The solid support you can get from metal coil springs combined with the comfort of memory foam and other advanced materials gives you the best of both worlds. 


Mattresses for side sleepers

Side sleepers can suffer from restless sleep. In addition, pressure points like elbows, hips, and shoulders are intensified if you sleep on your side. Today, specially designed mattresses provide comfort, support, and, most importantly, pressure relief for side sleepers. 



Make your bed a priority


Sleep is so essential to your overall physical and mental health. The science on this it's hard to argue. The blurred lines between our work life and our home life highlight this more than ever before.

If you're working at home at all, please take the time to review whether or not an upgrade to your bed is right for you. Ask around. Ask your friends. Do your homework on work from home and then find a local, trusted bed expert to help you make a decision. 



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