The Largest Production Mattress in the US – The Taylor & Wells Family Bed


You're probably familiar with the California King Size mattress. But what about the Texas King, Alberta King, and Alaskan King sizes? Maybe not so much. That's because these oversized beds aren't as common as the California king. But if you are looking for more space and comfort, then it's about time to familiarize yourself with these oversized options because they are just what you need.

An oversized mattress is any mattress larger than the California king, the largest of the standard mattress sizes. You can choose an oversized mattress for different reasons, most of which we'll cover in this article. But first, here are some considerations when buying a giant mattress.





Giant mattresses are often costlier than the standard ones because of the relative lack of demand and the materials used in construction. Expect to pay anywhere between $2,000 and $6000 depending on quality, brand, size, etc.

Sleeping position

Oversized mattresses also come in varying types, including foam and hybrid. So, you want to consider your sleeping position – side, back, stomach, or combo sleeper – before buying a mattress. For example, if you are a side sleeper, you may consider memory foam for pressure relief.

Quality materials

Consider getting a well-constructed mattress made of high-quality materials as they last long. While at it, consider aspects like motion isolation (especially if you'll be sleeping with restless children), temperature regulation (sleeps warm or cold depending on preference), and edge support.




Investing in an oversized bed

Alberta and the states of Texas and Alaska are known for their large sizes. Logically, the mattresses named after them are large as well. The Alaskan King, Alberta King, and Texas king mattresses are larger than all standard mattress sizes. This makes them ideal for people who enjoy more sleeping space or share the bed with the whole family. Oversized beds are so spacious that you can have everyone snuggled up under the covers with enough room to be comfortable.

Speaking about comfort, an oversized mattress can save you from falling off of the bed or rolling into your partner or children. If no one is rolling into someone, you’ll be less likely to wake up in the middle of the night. That means a good night's sleep and rest. Another great and comfortable thing you can do while sleeping on these mattresses is stretch out. This improves blood circulation throughout the body for a healthier you.

But make no mistake. Just because the bed is oversized doesn't mean you cannot snuggle with your loved ones. In fact, having an extra-large bed lets you have more comfort as you snuggle since you don't have to lie in awkward positions to get close to one another. You deserve an oversized bed. You work so hard and have no reason whatsoever to spare any expense for your comfort.

What is a Taylor & Wells Family Bed?

As the name suggests, a Taylor & Wells Family Bed is a family-size bed designed for extreme comfort for the entire family. The mattress is made of high-quality materials, including supportive memory foam and cooling gels for a perfect sleep experience.

It also comes in both foam and hybrid styles. The all-foam mattresses feature high-density support foam and breathable convoluted foam, while the hybrid mattresses have 2,260 individually pocketed coils and a Quantum Edge Elite Support. Both styles use luxury stretch knit fabrics, cooling gel memory foam, and removable cover. They're also made in the USA, are CertiPur-Us Certified foams, and come with a 10-year warranty.




Why buy a Taylor & Wells Family Bed?

A quick online search for extra-large mattresses will reveal dozens of results to select from. In fact, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the number of choices. However, not all these mattresses are created equally. Some, like the Taylor & Wells Family Beds, have better features and benefits compared to others.

For clarity reasons, a family bed is one of the several giant mattress sizes. There are others like the Alberta, Alaska, and Texas king, which we mentioned earlier on. All of them come with different prices and features. Here's how Taylor & Wells Family Bed compares to other mattress types.

  • Easy to relocate: one of the greatest features of this bed is that it can be broken down into 5 pieces within minutes. This means it's easy to disassemble, move around and assemble fast. Other options come in one piece, making it hard to move through most doorways or even from room to room.
  • Easy to set up: Another great thing is that these beds come in 3 separate boxes. Then you simply zipper together the separate elements of the mattress. You can set it up with your partner and be done in minutes. On the other hand, you'll need 2 or 3 additional people to set up other oversized mattresses.
  • Shipping cost: Taylor & Wells offer free nationwide delivery (ground shipping) on their Family Beds. Others claim to do so, but since it's one giant piece, LTL may add to the cost.
  • Made in the USA: Family Bed is ideal for anyone who wants to buy American. Their American-made productsincluding sheets and pillow tops, are made out of their facility in Fort Worth, TX.
  • Offer sheets: Taylor & Wells provides custom sheets designed to fit their Family Bed collection of mattresses.




We mentioned that there are other types of extra-large mattresses besides the family bed. Let's look at them:

Alaskan King

Measuring 108" x 108" (9' x 9'), the Alaskan King mattress is very large. It is the equivalent of two full extra-large 54 x 80 size mattresses with an additional 28" added to the end of the length.

Alberta King

Alberta King comes second after the Alaskan King mattress, measuring 96" x 96" (8' x 8'). It is slightly larger than a single and queen bed combined and is meant for people who love the comfort of a large, square-shaped bed but are slightly more limited with space.

Texas King

Measuring 80" x 98", the Texas King is wider and longer than your average California bed. It's narrower than the Wyoming King, which is the smallest giant mattress. But it compensates for this loss with the additional 14 inches length.

Family Bed

A standard Family Bed is 120" x 80" (10 feet), which is like two standard queen-sized beds. However, you can also get an extra-large family bed that comes in at 144" x 84" (12 feet). Taylor & Wells Family Bed is available in both sizes.






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