What Are The Best Mattress Accessories?



Congratulations – you finally bought the mattress of your dreams. And even better, now you have the opportunity to carefully select the best pillows, the best sheets, the best frame, and all the other goodies that can help you create a wonderful sleeping experience. Of course, starting with a great mattress is the most important decision you can make, but please don’t cheat yourself out of enjoying the finest accessories. Quality accessories last a long time, and they’ll be worth every penny every night they pamper you. 


Stop – Do Not Buy a Mattress Topper

Would you put a band-aid on a broken limb? It might make you feel like you’re fixing the problem, but you’re just covering it up. It’s the same with a mattress topper. If you’re considering a mattress topper because you’ve noticed your mattress has somehow changed, this is a clear sign you need a new mattress.




It could also be that your body has changed or your needs have changed. Either or, a mattress topper will likely only cover up a deeper issue rather than resolve it. High-quality sleep is too important to your physical and mental health to mess around with mattress toppers.


Mattress Toppers Can Be Expensive

If you’re thinking of buying a queen or king-size mattress topper, get ready to spend hundreds of dollars. Some memory foam toppers are over $1000.00.

Of course, you could spend a lot less, but are you sure it’s going to work? Everyone has a friend that swears by a miracle-mattress-topper as soon as they buy it but ask them about it again a month later, and the story will have changed. Somehow that mattress topper they spent all that money on usually ends up on someone else’s bed, and now that same friend is looking for a new mattress – albeit with a thinner wallet. 


Every Good Night Starts With the Right Pillow

There’s no better example of a personal preference than a pillow. It’s the reason why you see so many people refuse to travel anywhere without their cherished pillow. It’s special to them, and it should be.

The trouble is even a favorite pillow can fail over time. Just the thought of searching for the exact same pillow can be scary, let alone trying to choose an entirely new one. When they find the perfect pillow, some people buy a spare and lock it away.

You may be one of the lucky few who don’t even realize how important a pillow is until they try to sleep without it. I know this may sound silly. Lucky you. For the rest of us, finding the right pillow is like finding a buried treasure. 




Mattress Pad Or Mattress Protector 

People in different parts of the country say “mattress pad,” while others say “mattress protector.” Whatever you call it, it’s not a mattress topper, so please get one for your new mattress. Accidents happen, and it would be a shame to stain your brand-new mattress.

Of course, if you have young children or young guests, a LiquidBlock Mattress Protector can save some embarrassment and money in the long run. Even if you have teenagers who like to play pranks on each other, like dunking a sleeping person’s hand in a glass of warm water, the right mattress pad can save you from this college humor prank that really works. 


Hello Mattress Foundation

There are a variety of mattress foundations you can choose from to accompany your new mattress. Some foundations use wood slats to promote airflow while they support you and the weight of the mattress. Other foundations are more traditional and still provide plenty of room under your bed for storage. 




Adjustable Bed Frames Can Be Game Changers

They may sound like an unnecessary luxury, but once you try one, you won’t want to sleep anywhere else. If you toss and turn through the night, an adjustable bed frame and mattress can put you in a position so comfortable you’ll probably wake up in the same position you fell asleep in. No more pillow propping necessary or wedges under your legs. No more pressure points to worry about.

An adjustable bed frame takes care of it all for you. When you’re buying an adjustable bed frame from a mattress store, please check to see if the mattress you have in mind will work with it. It’s not necessarily just the type of mattress. Even if you’re buying a hybrid mattress or a firm or medium firm mattress, double-check its suitability for an adjustable frame. 


The Long History of Headboards 

Headboards and canopies have been around for at least as long as the pyramids. And it’s not all about looks. In 17th Century Europe, upholstered headboards were used to keep drafts away from, you guessed it, your head. Today a headboard can frame a beautiful bed to make it a focal point in your room. 


Bed Linens You Can Buy Online

If you’re absolutely sure which bed linens will match your bed, you can find great sources to buy them online. A lot of people buy them from the same store where they buy their mattresses and bed frame. It can save you some awkward conversations with customer service people when you try to explain that the luxury sheets you bought for your new mattress don’t fit – especially when you did your best to wrestle them on. 




Ask a Sleep-Expert

Not only does The Bedding Mart make all their own mattresses in the USA, but the people you meet at The Bedding Mart are also trained sleep-experts. They understand how overwhelming it can be to pick the right mattress, foundation, and accessories with the huge number of options available. Drop by one of the several convenient locations today. 



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