What Mattress Should I Get For My Guest Room




It is always great to have friends and family come to visit and stay with you. You get to catch up, bond, and even show them around. But as you prepare to do all the fun stuff, it’s also important to provide a comfortable bed. After all, comfort is the key to making guests feel welcome.

You don’t want to give your guest some old, saggy mattress. So, if that’s what you have, this might be a perfect excuse to go shopping. But since not all mattresses are created equally, there are a few things you need to watch out for when investing in a guest room mattress. 

One such thing is the type of guests (singles, couples, or families). If you host couples frequently and have a bigger guest room, you may want to invest in a king or queen-size bed that offers enough room. But if you host singles mostly, then a sleeper sofa or day bed can work the trick– and these are especially ideal if your goal is space saving based on room size.




If you are considering buying a new mattress for your guestroom, this article is for you. We will discuss the various considerations before choosing a mattress, mattresses you can buy for your guestroom, and standard mattress sizes ideal for guestrooms. Let’s dive in.


Things to consider when choosing a guest room mattress

Your guests’ comfort should be your top-most priority when buying a guest room mattress. The people you host will most likely have different preferences. So, it is advisable not to buy a need-specific mattress, e.g., a mattress for a certain sleeping position or people with back pain issues. Instead, go for one that would appeal to most, if not all, your guests. 

Here are some of the important things you need to consider when buying a mattress for your guest room.


When investing in a guestroom mattress, you need to consider your budget. If money is not an object, then you can go for the most luxurious option available. However, if you’re working on a budget, consider getting an affordable yet comfortable option. Guestroom mattresses don’t usually have to be expensive. 

The best way to go about your shopping is to research the market. Read through reviews and testimonials and check the average price for different brands to get a feel of cost vs. quality. This way, you get to weigh whether the mattress is worth the money you want to spend.

Note that most cheap mattresses are not durable. However, it would be best if you also avoided overpriced luxury mattresses. After all, guestroom mattresses aren’t used too often.



Mattress type

There are different varieties of mattresses in the market, and most of them come in various common sizes. These mattresses are made from different kinds of materials. They also have a different construction.

Mattresses like memory foam offer more comfort compared to others, while latex provides more support. The good idea is to find a mattress that offers a little bit of both – like a hybrid mattress.

Mattress size

Your mattress size should correspond to the size of your guestroom. Note that most adults would want to sleep on a full-size bed with a full mattress or a larger bed. So, it is good not to buy a smaller mattress than a full-size one.

Edge support

Edge support is not necessary for guest mattresses, but it will be more comfortable for your guests, especially for those who move around a lot when sleeping. In addition, edge support with a proper base can help minimize one’s risk of falling from the bed.

Sleeping position

Since your mattress has to cater to all your guests’ needs, you need to consider their various sleeping positions. It is a little bit difficult to predict who will be sleeping in your guestroom, but you can choose a mattress that suits all kinds of sleepers. For instance, hybrid mattresses and latex mattresses are ideal for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers because they offer both support and comfort. Additionally, they offer soft contouring.


Durability is highly dependent on the type of mattress you choose. Additionally, it depends on how well you take care of it. Your guest mattress may not be in use too often, but you still need to keep it in good shape.

Latex foam mattresses are very durable, so you should consider buying them. Other durable mattress types are: memory foam mattresses, hybrid mattresses, and innerspring mattresses.

You may also want to invest in a good mattress protector as it can extend the lifespan of your mattress. Additionally, you want the mattress on the right kind of bed frame. Using wrong bed frames makes mattresses sag faster.

Mattress types that are suitable for guest rooms

Here are mattress types that are ideal for your guestroom.


Hybrid mattress

These mattresses are a combination of various materials. They are soft but supportive and therefore offer both pressure relief and comfort. They are also ideal for all kinds of sleepers.


Latex mattress 

Latex mattresses are suitable for guestrooms because they offer both support and soft contouring. Therefore, they are ideal for all body types.


Airbed mattress

Air mattresses are a great option because you can alter the firmness of the sleeping surface. Since your guests can customize the mattress to their liking, it is ideal for a guestroom.  They are also easy to stow-away when not in use! 


Memory foam mattress

These mattresses are designed for pressure relief and contour close to the body. Unfortunately, they also tend to get hot as they trap heat. Foam mattresses are ideal for side sleepers and light people.


Innerspring mattress

Innerspring mattresses are affordable, and you can easily customize the firmness level by using a mattress topper. They are ideal for guest bedrooms.


Mattress sizes ideal for guestrooms

Here are standard-size mattresses that can go in your guestroom.




King size mattress

King and California King size mattresses are a great option because they easily can fit two adults. Therefore, if you have two adults visiting, they won’t be uncomfortable sharing the bed. California Kings are four inches longer than the King mattress and would be ideal for taller individuals. King mattresses can only fit in king-size beds, and a California King mattress only fits in a California King bed.


Queen mattress

Queen size mattresses are bigger than full-size mattresses. They are great for single sleepers but can also easily accommodate two adults.

Full-size mattress

Full-size mattresses are ideal for single sleepers. If you are keen on space-saving or your guestroom is not so big, this would be a perfect choice.


Twin and Twin XL mattress

If you have twin beds in your guestroom, these are the mattress sizes you should opt for. Twin mattresses are rather small and can be used on bunk beds. They would be ideal for children and single sleepers.

Twin XL mattresses are a few inches longer than twin mattresses. If you will have adult guests, opt for the twin XL mattress.




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