Choosing the Right Size Mattress: What Works For You



Choosing the right size mattress greatly contributes to your ability to sleep well. We all know that good sleep is essential for good health, yet most people overlook the importance of choosing the right size mattress. 

Mattresses come in varying shapes and sizes to match varying needs and preferences. And since they aren’t created equally, knowing which one works for you can help you get the most out of your investment in a quality mattress.

If you want to buy a new mattress or to learn more about mattress sizes, this article will give you all the information you need. First, we’ll discuss the different mattress sizes, then we’ll talk about the most popular mattress size, and finally, we will talk about crib mattresses. Let’s dive in.

Mattress sizes: Which size will work best for you?

First, you should know that the average person turns several times in a single night. Out of these times, there are approximately 12 full body turns. Therefore, it is best to choose a sizable mattress if you want to sleep comfortably, whether you sleep alone or with someone else




There are several standard mattress sizes options in the market, and we will discuss each of them in detail so that you can make an informed decision. The one’s we’ll look at are:-

  • King size mattresses
  • Queen size mattresses
  • Full-size mattresses
  • Full XL mattresses
  • Twin size mattresses
  • Cal king mattresses


King size mattresses

King mattresses are the biggest mattress size available in the market. They can fit two adults and a child (or two). These mattresses are meant for king size beds.

A king size mattress is normally 76 by 80 inches. Lengthwise, it is the same as a queen size bed, but it is 4 inches wider. (Pretty sure this is exactly the opposite. Please double check all sizes quoted here. )This mattress is ideal for couples because you can comfortably stretch out at night without being a nuisance to your partner.

You should consider getting a hybrid mattress if you decide to buy a king-size mattress because it combines latex, memory foam and an innerspring system. Pillow Top mattresses are also an option. Hybrid mattresses give you the best of both worlds. The innerspring system allows for more bounce, something you would not get from a 100% memory foam mattress.

They are also very comfortable thanks to the foam layers that give contouring support and hug your body as you sleep. Another advantage is that hybrid mattresses are breathable, so you never have to worry about sleeping hot. Simply put, hybrid mattresses offer an ideal balance of support and comfort.

King size mattresses are a worthwhile investment. You won’t have to think about buying another mattress for years to come.




Queen size mattress

Queen size mattresses have dimensions of 60 inches by 80 inches. They have more room compared to full mattresses, and they are ideal for longer beds. If you sleep in a master bedroom, this mattress would be perfect. It is also suitable for both single sleepers and couples that don’t mind snuggling.

Queen size mattresses don’t perfectly fit in twin beds as they are a few inches smaller.

If you want a sizable mattress but can’t afford a king size mattress, a queen size mattress is an affordable option.


Full-size mattress

Full-size mattresses are 53 by 75 inches. They are bigger than twin size mattresses. Most people buy them because they much cheaper compared to queen-size mattresses. 

Full-size mattresses would be perfect for single sleepers or couples keen on maximizing the space in their bedroom. If you consider buying this mattress, make sure that your bedroom is at least 10 by 10 feet. 


Full XL mattresses

Full XL mattresses are 54 by 80 inches. If you want a mattress bigger than a full mattress but not as big as a queen mattress, a full XL mattress will do.

These mattresses are a few inches longer lengthwise and would be ideal for pet owners because of the extra leg space. The only downside with this mattress is that most stores don’t stock beddings, so keep this in mind if you decide to buy it.

Full XL mattresses are more affordable compared to queen mattresses, so they would be an ideal option if you are on a tight budget.


Twin size mattresses

If you want to maximize the space in your room, a twin size mattress would be ideal because it takes up very little space. Twin mattresses measure approximately 38 by 75 inches and can fit in a room as small as 7 by 9 feet. Therefore, they are suitable for single sleepers and children.

Twin mattresses are the smallest size available that are not meant for cribs. This explains why most parents transition from cribs to twin mattresses. Additionally, most parents prefer buying these size mattresses for their children because it leaves room for them to play. 




Note that the terms single beds and twin beds refer to the same bed size of 38 inches by 75 inches. The two terms are commonly used interchangeably, and the same applies to single mattresses and twin mattresses. They are the same mattress size.


Twin XL mattress

Twin XL mattresses are different from twin mattresses. They are five inches longer than the twin mattress and have dimensions of 39 inches by 80 inches. They fit in Twin XL beds and are ideal for adults or college students over 6 feet tall. They are an affordable option for college students.


Cal King mattresses

California King Mattresses, popularly known as Cal king mattresses, are specifically made for taller people. These mattresses are 4 inches longer than King Mattresses, so if you are looking for extra length, this is the mattress you should buy. Cal King Mattresses have dimensions of 72 by 84 inches. They can fit in beds that are 7 feet long.

Keep the size of your room in mind if you want to buy this mattress.


Split king mattresses

As the name suggests, you can split a split king mattress in the middle. They are used in king size beds that have adjustable frames. These beds are ideal for couples that prefer having their individual bed space or want control of their side of the bed.


What is the most popular mattress size?

Currently, the most popular mattress size is the queen mattress that measures 60 by 80 inches. The mattress is ideal for couples and single sleepers. Additionally, it is much cheaper compared to king mattresses.




What about crib mattresses?

Crib mattresses are the ones that fit in babies’ cribs. For maximum safety, there are rules that regulate the crib size. A normal crib should be between 51.6 to 53 inches long and 27.25 to 28 inches wide. Therefore, the size of your crib will determine the mattress size you will buy.



The mattress size you choose is highly dependent on how big or small your bedroom is. Additionally, the amount of space that you or your partner requires will determine the mattress size you pick.

If you want to maximize the space in your bedroom but still have enough space to move around on the bed, a queen-sized mattress would be ideal. If you have a lot of space in your bedroom, a king size mattresses or a Cal king mattress would be perfect. Just remember that the bigger the mattress, the more comfortable you will be, and ask about edge support! 


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